Photo Credit: Haim Hornstein
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Education Minister Naftali Bennett

Herzog, too, would be risking a lot for the move, because all of Netanyahu’s actions in his eternal attempt to avoid the creation of a Palestinian State, including using the familiar, eternally cantankerous peace negotiations — would now be blamed on Herzog by his own rank and file.

The dynamo working tirelessly to promote a Likud-Labor coalition has been Finance Minister Kahlon, who is facing a serious challenge from his center-left, occasionally center-right foe, MK and former Finance Minister Yair Lapid, chairman of the Yesh Atid party. The polls have been favoring Yesh Atid to rise up close to its 19th Knesset glory, when it was the second-largest party in the House — while the same polls are predicting a major drop for Kahlon’s Kulanu party. Kahlon could return to being the political star he used to be if he becomes the architect of a Bennett-free coalition government, awarding him some of the center-left votes that would otherwise go to Lapid.


Will Bibi take the bait and kick the Bennett crowd out in favor of the left? Will his joining the Likud mark the end of Bougie? Will Shelly Yachimovich take over at Justice, replacing Ayelet Shaked? Will Tzipi Livni wiggle her way yet again to a government portfolio (regardless of how she may smell)? Will MK Margalit finally be able to gain ground against his leader? Will Labor MK Eitan Cabel finally get a portfolio?

Probably not.



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