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A message to Jews from Chicago anti-Semites in 2014.

Scratch the surface and watch the scum rise to the top.

The New York-based Anti-Defamation League has issued what amounts to an Internet “flash flood alert” over an outpouring of anti-Semitism aimed at Israeli American NBA Head Coach David Blatt.


The Cleveland Cavaliers front office dismissed Blatt five days ago — a coach with a winning record — and the move brought out all the vultures, particularly those with an anti-Semitic bent.

On its blog, the ADL warned readers Tuesday of an “outpouring” of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hatred on social media in the wake of Blatt’s dismissal.

Despite having led his team to victory in the Eastern Division and to the Finals, Blatt was handed his walking papers on Friday, January 22 by general manager David Griffin, backed up by owner Dan Gilbert, for being “disconnected.”

An odd thing to say about a coach who was able to get a team to come up with a 30-11 season. By the time he was fired he had reached an 83-40 game record — a 73.2% winning percentage that is the highest for a head coach at the time of his firing in major pro sports history.

Blatt is the first coach to be fired with the best record in his conference, according to ESPN. But apparently what matters more to his detractors is the fact that he is Jewish and made aliyah to Israel in 1981. Perhaps it also matters that he became one of the best coaches in history on the European continent before coming to coach in the NBA.

The ADL noted “some … personal attacks against Blatt, who holds both Israeli and American citizenship. Hostile verbal attacks on individuals for being Israeli citizens or supporters of Israel appear to have become more commonplace in recent years both online and offline as well, as some look to demonize the Jewish state in any way possible.”

The organization added that this is not the first time “such open hostility against Israelis or Jews in sports has been expressed in such an ugly fashion on social media,” citing examples going back as far as 2014 and 2013. In those cases as well, the anti-Semitism was expressed in posts on the Twitter social networking site.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. If they are happy about at Blatt’s dismissal, shouldn’t they be thrilled with the Jewish owner Dan Gilbert? Cavs should have kept Blatt. He did a great job. It’s not his fault they are playing in the same era as this Golden State Warriors team. People want to blame someone for not winning the championship.

  2. This is america people. Anti-semitism right below the surface. Just a little scratch and it comes out. Mostly it is jealousy. We Jews excel way too much in every area. They hate us for being better. That is why they love the muslims so much. The muslims are losers in everything. For Jews in america, the writing is on the wall. Get out soon.

  3. This is one more reason why ADL has become irrelevant to “The Jew on the Street.” ADL opposes Second Amendement rights, and favors open borders, at a time when terrorism has put American Jews and our insititutions at greater risk than ever before. David Blatt can take care of himself.

  4. In the NBA, star players tell management, who they want as coach. Ex. a puppet Le Bron James, wanted another black assistant coach to become coach. Multiculturism does not exist in the NBA. 80% of the players are black. Whites are the owners, half the coaches and about 75% of the audience. I propose the blacks start their own league, with black ownership, coaches, and only blacks in attendance. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would approve.
    Basketball is a "freak" sport, because only abnormal people can play. One must be at least 6'4 or better. Baseball, has normal sized humans.

  5. Not surprising at all as the double standard hypocrisy rears it's head again. This is not even made an issue by the mainstream media of course, but if it were African Americans targeted or another group, everyone would be up in arms. The whole treatment of Blatt was a shameful disgrace and Dan Gilbert should have stood up to LeBron and for his fellow MOT. Maybe I was expecting too much from him. As for these idiots above and the morons I've seen elsewhere, it proves what I say about so-called moderates of the religion of peace. Even something seemingly innocuous like news on a basketball coach generates the most vile attacks. It is not a small minority. I see it all over the place anytime Israel comes up in even general discussion. Pathetic and deluded leftists and terrorist sympathizers, sadly many of them liberal Jews, need to wake the hell up before the US becomes another hellhole like Europe. Finally, to the idiots attacking Blatt for his acumen as a coach. They obviously have never followed the game as his record speaks for itself. He's one titles all across the globe and led a completely shorthanded team to the Finals in his first NBA season, despite LeBron's antics. Many owners in the NBA are also Jewish, as well as several of the best coaches and executives in history. There have even been legendary players and Casspi is carving out a pretty nice career right now. They might think they're getting the last laugh, but the Jewish imprint on the game is going nowhere. Blatt will land on his feet and get another NBA head coaching gig real soon, away from an egomaniac who didn't give him a chance from the start, and prove his worth yet again. You can mark my words on that.

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