Photo Credit: IDF
The Iron Dome was called on for the first time in 2013 to intercept a missile fired by terrorists in Sinai at Eilat.

The IDF has deployed advanced air defense batteries in the southern city of Eilat, preparing for a possible Iranian attack on Israel from Yemen.

Israel’s security establishment is on high alert in anticipation of a possible Iranian retaliatory attack to mark a year since Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Al-Qods Force of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), was assassinated by the US.


Some military officials have estimated that Iran will take advantage of the coming weeks before Joe Biden enters office to retaliate against Israel.

Iranian officials have vowed to retaliate, while Iranian-backed Houthi forces in Yemen have threatened to attack Israel.

Houthi General Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi told the Arab media outlet Al-Medean in December that his troops have “a bank of targets, both land and sea-based, at which it can strike the Zionist enemy.”

His troops “will not hesitate to attack them if the leadership decides to do so. Our military forces are prepared for this kind of attack,” he added.


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