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Impacts signs on bus

A school bus, transporting students from the Chitzin yeshiva was shot at on Sunday evening. The attack happened near Huwara, which is near Shechem.

Impact signs on school bus window

The windows of the armored bus show signs of multiple impacts, but no one was injured.


UPDATE: The IDF reports that the projectiles shot at the bus were metal ball bearings, and not bullets.

This is the second time in the past month that Arab terrorists have targeted the bus driver of a school bus.

“Forces are searching the area for the perpetrator,” an IDF spokesperson said in a statement to media.

In a separate attack, Arab stoned a bus between Adam and Hizmeh, damaging the front windshield.

MDA is treating the bus driver who is lightly wounded, and 4 passengers for shock.

Bus stoned near Adam

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  1. !!! – "So prevalent is anti-Semitism that incidents such as these, will be downplayed or ignored. The mass Media 'must' share in responsibility for such reaction! 'Their' reticense to acknowledge relevant facts so blatantly obvious, is certainly 'seen' as a testament to their own Bias!"

  2. Why did you make a Peace Treaty, with people who believe you are vulnerable, because The United States won't help you, if you don't
    And you believe Kerry and Obama? I don't believe anything either one of them says. They are two of the most politically corrupt people on the face of the earth. Hillary Clinton is the third . Why didn't you believe your Torah? G.d told you the truth, and you put politics before Jehova Wells, when Israel is invaded by a panel Islamic and Russian armies, you will have prayed that you had listened to G.d, and not the White House!

  3. This poor pity me crap is getting way old.

    BiBi, what exactly is the punishment for
    attempting to MURDER a Jew? What has
    your Goverment done to anyone that stoned
    moving cars w Jews in them? Publish the list of
    all the animals u arrested and tell us what was
    their penalty.
    Your capitulation to these animals only
    emboldens them …duh.
    Are u hoping the world passes out tissues?

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