Photo Credit: Divuach Rishoni / social media
Windshield of a bus broken in a stone-throwing attack. (archive)

Three Arab terrorists were caught red-handed as they were hurling rocks at an Israeli public bus traveling in northern Jerusalem on Derech Uzi Narkiss, also known as Highway 60.

A number of other buses have been damaged in stoning attacks in the same spot.


Israel Police said four more suspects were taken into custody and charged with similar crimes.

Stones were thrown at buses and vehicles traveling along the same road; in one of the incidents, a bus driver sustained minor injuries.

Security forces were deployed in the area, including some who carried out covert operations.

A total of five minors and two adults, all residents of Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem, were brought in for questioning. The parents of the minors were summoned as well, to answer for their children. All were subsequently taken to be arraigned before a judge.