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( American psychiatrist, author and television personality Keith Ablow, who is also a contributor on psychiatry for Fox News Channel, has weighed in on the Ben Carson controversy regarding the hypothetical question of whether or not Jews would have fared better had they owned guns during the Holocaust.

In his new book “A Perfect Union,” Carson wrote that “through a combination of removing guns and disseminating propaganda, the Nazis were able to carry out their evil intentions with relatively little resistance.”


What Carson’s comment revealed was not so much his knowledge of the Nazi state’s effort to dehumanize, disenfranchise, relocate and execute millions of Jews, through a policy of terror, starvation and brutality, but perhaps the fact that he did not know enough not to step on the third rail of American national politics — Jewish sensibilities about the Holocaust. His comment about “little resistance” sounded too close to the notion of “sheep to slaughter” Jews have tired of hearing.

ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt tried to put it charitably when he noted: “Ben Carson has a right to his views on gun control, but the notion that Hitler’s gun-control policy contributed to the Holocaust is historically inaccurate. The small number of personal firearms available to Germany’s Jews in 1938 could in no way have stopped the totalitarian power of the Nazi German state.”

But Keith Ablow stood up for Carson, stating simply: “Ben Carson is right, and Jonathan Greenblatt is wrong.” And he explained: “What Greenblatt fails to account for is that the surrendering of firearms by Jews when required to by Nazi authorities was not merely the surrender of guns and ammunition. Those material items would not have been sufficient to defend against the Third Reich’s military.”

As is often the case, context is crucial in understanding these seemingly conflicting views. According to Stephen P. Halbrook, author of “Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and ‘Enemies of the State,’” There were an estimated 20,000 German Jews who owned guns, either for hunting, or souvenirs taken home after their service in WW1. As soon as Adolf Hitler became Germany’s Chancellor, in 1933, the Nazi government used official records to disarm potential opponents—communists, socialists and Jews. They conducted mass searches and seizures of guns, and Police revoked gun licenses of Social Democrats and others who were not “politically reliable.”

In 1938, Halbrook reports, Hitler signed a new Gun Control Act, prohibiting Jews from working in the firearms industry, and also banning .22 caliber hollow-point ammunition. Then, following the shooting of a German diplomat in Paris by a teenage Polish Jew, the Nazis engaged in Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass, which was, in fact, presented as a massive operation in search of Jewish owned weapons. The Nazis also ransacked Jewish homes and businesses and set fire to synagogues, but the excuse for all of the above was the notion that the dangerous Jews were harboring illegal weapons.

It is always a tricky business to judge the behavior of people in the past using the mindset of the present. But while Ben Carson misunderstand the sense of helplessness German and later Polish Jews felt, deserted as they were by practically the entire gentile world in the late 1930s and early 1940s, the point he makes is still valid. Gun ownership is an effective bulwark against a tyrannical regime, and the proof is that the first thing such a regime would go after are individually owned guns.

And, possibly, to take Carson’s notion another step, even in the most decrepit conditions, in a starved and diseased Warsaw Ghetto, a small band of Jews, scantily armed, managed to hold the Nazi army at bay for nearly a month, from April 19 to May 16, 1943. So Jews have shown that finally possessing guns made a big difference, contributing to the most heroic chapter in our own history.


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  1. (y) And as I commented earlier to an Israeli post where the wonderful Jewish medics were caring for a Muslim terrorist ….. “Finally someone is using my old idea of “PORK WARFARE” !!! 😮
    Wonder how long before we see my “CHEW & SPEW” used at peace-rallies & protests as an individual tool to protect one from ‘muslimer’ attack. 😮
    Then, there is my “TOSS & THE CROSS” approach – used only instead of deadly force, by trained military or other legitimate law enforcement personnel – throwing by hand, firing by gun or canon or missile, dropping by aircraft, etc. pork, pork byproducts & pork pee and poop … and then, if possible … tattoo/brand a cross on the terrorist’s forehead. 😮 “

  2. For the record, my father and uncles never gave up their Lugers that they used in WW1. They would go out at night, put a muzzle on their weapons and shoot the SA, and eventually the SS men who were terrorizing Germany. Those were the good old days when Jews protected themselves, not like today.

  3. One Jew, Hershel Grynszpan, killed the German Consul in Paris as an act of revenge against the nazis who were persecuting his relatives in Poland and this unleashed the full fury of the Nazis who blamed all the Jews for this act and went on to bring on Krystallnacht and then continued the rest of their inhumane treatment of the Jews.
    Of course we all know now that Hitler's plans were already laid out well before the von Rath assassination and the killing was just an excuse …but can u imagine what would have happened if the Jewish gunowners had used them from the getgo?

  4. Thw Warsaw uprising in the Jewish Ghetto put the Nazis on edge. All of a sudden, the Jews are fighting back. Had the Jews picked up sticks, stones, anything that could hurt or maim the Nazis, things could have turned out differently. They didn't and we all know how that story ended.

  5. Alan Kardon I never let a good opportunity to go to waste. If you have the guts to attack me or any one of my family, I will kill you. It's as simple as that. When I ent to Israel some years back and was attacked when some of the Palestinian savages threw some rocks in my rental car, I politely got out of the vehicle, and ran after one of the rock throwers. I then took one of the rocks and smashed his nose in like a prize fighters nose. One thing for sure, he really got the beating of his life. I made sure that he had a good reason to go after the Jews, when I got done with him. My reward? One of the Palestinians recorded my license plate number and reported it to the police. The police came to my room that evening, and escorted me to the airport in Tel Aviv. I was told to never come back to Israel, as I was a trouble maker. I neved did.

  6. Suzanna Deutch – In 1933 Germany the Jewish population was ..75% or roughly 500,000 Jews against 64,600,000 Germans! If Jews owned a collevtive 20,000 guns it may mean that a selected few may have been able to escape, or as you say "put down some of the Nazis. In the grand scheme of things the end result would have been the same! It would have been much better has the United States stepped up and put an end to this in 1933 insteat of turning their backs to what was going on.

  7. If Germany had the equivalent of the Second Amendment, the type of actions by the Nazis, specially early in their rise would have been very dangerous on their part. I don't know if it would have made a difference, that is speculation on both sides of the argument, but the attacks on Dr, Carson have more to do with politics than logic.

  8. Edward Lobel Pure speculation (if the German Jews had guns at the US rate, they would have over 200,000), but you are correct about the US. FDR knew about the Holocaust and did nothing. If he had just put pressure on Britain to open Palestine to Jewish refugees, it would have saved millions.

  9. Ablow is wrong. He is trying to overexplain what Dr. Carson said. His attempt to clarify has only muddied the water. Jews to this day, disdain guns and violence. That is a part of our history that is changing. We are becoming empowered. We in the US are leaving the party of our parents, the Democrats, and voting on issues, rather than on what the party says.
    We have a right to defend ourselves. We must, and not depend on the world for protection. The world grows weary.
    Dr. Carson, a black man, knows the history of terror against a people. He knows there is an equalizer. He knows civil rights in the US were behind the times. He knows that here in Florida, Blacks were not allowed to buy or own guns. Beleieve it or not, the only civil rights group to help was the NRA.

    The Democrats were the party of our fathers and mothers. They are broadly anti-gun. They are not realistic. Their heads are in the sand. What is, is. A gun is a tool that anybody can and will use. You must be ready to do the same if you need to. A gun is an insurance policy. It may not save your life, but you can at least try. If you won't help yourself, don't expect anybody else to risk theirs for yours.

  10. I am a child of Holocaust survivors and Ben Carson was spot on. He was NOT implying that Jews were weak. He was saying that b/c Jews were weakened b/c they were left defenseless by the strict gun control laws and confiscation of the Nazis. Using statements from the ADL only weakens any argument that would be favoring survival of Jews.

  11. What Carson is saying is a simple truism. An armed citizenry is harder to subdue than an unarmed populace. It make no difference what your religion or skin color or national affiliation is. If you can shoot back, they will be, at least somewhat, reluctant to come and get you. The second amendment was written for a good reason. If this sentiment puts me or Dr. Carson in the same camp as the NRA then so be it.

  12. All lies. It was the democratic Weimar government that banned guns in Germany — before the Nazi party even existed.

    What is really scary is that Jews are so ignorant of our history, German history, Nazi history, and Shoah history.

    What is even more scary is that anyone would think that a few Jews with hunting rifles would have had any impact on the Nazi machine. In fact, 200,000 Polish Jews had guns in 1939. They were serving in the Polish Army. Tens of thousands of Jews had guns in France in 1940. They were serving in the French Army. In fact, the French Army was larger and better equipped than the Nazi Army, but still lost.

    Jews participated in partisan and underground units throughout Nazi-occupied areas wherever there were Jews. But in most places they had no impact on either the Shoah or the war. The one place where partisans DID have a major impact was Yugoslavia and thousands of Jews did in fact serve with the partisans, who were well organized into what amounted to a real military. Lots of European Jews also fled and enlisted in the UK or Free French militaries, too.

    Anyone who thinks that untrained unorganized individuals with small arms are any match for the killing machinery of a totalitarian state is truly too ignorant to be US President.

    Finally, I note that some stupid Israelis are coming to Carson's defense. It is only because of Israel's strict gun control laws that the place is livable. Imagine America's lax gun laws where anyone can get a semiautomatic rifle without a background check. I don't want to think about it.

  13. I tend to agree. It’s a worthy sentiment, but modern mechanized militaries with good comms and logistics aren’t all that intimidated by well-armed civilians. An outgunned citizenry slows ’em down though and makes an heroic statement. I weep with admiration for the heroes of Warsaw.

  14. It can happen here in the US if our politicians are so weak as to go along with Obama and Clinton and all their empty headed buddies trying to get Americans weapons. Disarming the good people of America won't stop the criminals from getting guns. But those trying to take the guns know this. This us totally the wring time to givevup guns.

  15. Alan Kardon I have been fighting all of my life starting at the bay of Pigs, The Belgian Congo, all over Latin America, Vietnam, back to South Africa and Latin America. In every action that I was involved with, it was the use of guns that made the day. Sitting in an arm chair…unlikely. The Jews for one were not into guns as much as other nationalities were, howver, there was thousands of Jews who fought for Germany and Austria in WW1. They knew how to use guns. The Jews thought that this whole episode with Hitler would blow over just like every tyrant before Hitler. I guess some waited too long to find out that Hitler was for real, and that he would just disappear. Look at American Jews today…If not for Chabad, and a sprinkling of Orthodox Synagogues around the USA, still maintaining the traditions brought here by Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, Judaism as we know it would simply disappear. Roughly 50% of all Jewish marriages today are to a partner who is not Jewish. Jews today feel that they can abandon Israel and do it willingly, much like the German Jews abandoned Judaism, thinking that they were just too German to bother with that old tradional religion. Don't forget that the Reform Movement started in Germany.

  16. Gun grabs, like the one OBOMBA wants to institute in the US is not the FIRST step in disarming the populace. GUN REGISTRATION and licensing are the preliminary steps! (Background checks ALSO give the gov't the necessary info to list potential gun owners for future disarmament!!! Once OBOMBA gets his Matiral Law, the Second Amendment will be suspended and the US will have its own Broken Glass night!!!

  17. No, the opposite is true. Germany was stuck with a very weak military and police force after the Versailles Treaty; either the Nazis or Communists would likely have taken over in a coup in the early 1920s had they access to guns. And outside Germany, Jews did have guns but they were no match for the Nazi military.

  18. Phillip Nagle FDR was trying to get France and Britain — and the US Congress — to re-arm. Only France paid attention. (In 1940 its army was larger and better equipped than Hitler's and many Jews fought in it — with guns.) The UK was run by the mostly anti-Semitic (at that time) Conservative Party; Winston Churchill was an exception but he was in the wilderness and had even gone so far as to have tried to keep an open Nazi sympathizer on the throne of Great Britain in 1936.

  19. Cody Flecker The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a brave suicide operation that did nothing to stop the Shoah or end the war sooner. The only thing that did were well equipped allled armies and to some extent the Yugoslav Partisans in that part of Europe. Two hundred thousand Jews had guns in 1939 and fought the Nazis while in the Polish Army.

  20. Edward Lobel Grow up. If Jew's wish to survive, they must take physical responsibility for survival. Don't depend on others to do our dirty work. The majority of "goyim" hate us and are happy to see us dead. The Jew is an easy target for bullies, because so few of us fight back. You cannot do to the blacks, what is done to Jew's.

  21. Charlie Hall You are contradicting yourself. If the police and military were weak, only an armed population could have protected themsellves from Communists and Nazi. Unfortunately, like so many doctranaire Leftists, your closed mind is made up on gun ownership and Dr. Carson.

  22. Carson is %1000 correct. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is a perfect example. Jews with a few weapons tied up thousands of German troops for ONE MONTH! It took less time to conquer France than it did the Ghetto. Sure Jews would have still died but in smaller numbers and more Germans would have paid a price.

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