Photo Credit: Karnei Shomron

A 50-year-old man on a bicycle trek, organized by the anti-Israeli organization, MAP-UK, died as his group passed by the settlement of Karnei Shomron, on Monday.

The man had passed out a short time earlier, but reportedly, other members of his bicycling group told him he was OK to continue the bike trek.


After the man collapsed a second time on Highway 55 and they called for an ambulance, emergency medical teams from nearby Karnei Shomron and the IDF came out to save him.

Despite working on him for around an hour, the emergency crews were unable to save his life.


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  1. The Brits by far are the most consistent haters of Jews and have been vicious anti-Semites for a millennium, when even Shakespeare wrote his hateful caricatures of Jews, when Jews had not lived in Britain for nearly two centuries. It is in their DNA. They smile and stab you in the back. It is in the chattering classes(your upper class and academics) and it is in the working class and is like a virus that is passed down from generation to generation. Since Israel was established, they have just increased their hate to include Israel. The Brits are a despicable people filled with hate and if you see which commentators on all Israel sites are the haters, the Brits are usually eighty to ninety per cent of them.

  2. Anti-Israel, Rich, White, European and American Liberals travel to Israel for a long anti-israel bicycle ride. Hmmm???
    Why didn't they go to the Palestinian state and ride showing their support for the Palestinian people?
    Because they know that even in Israel, they have to depend on the Israeli Police and the Israeli Defense Forces for their safety from violence from the Palestinian people they love.
    The thought of Americans and Europeans holding such a protest in Muslim territory is a deadly Joke. At minimum they would be severely beaten. God forbid a female bicyclist wear typical riding gear beating, rape and imprisonment would be in order.
    Further proof that Liberalism is a mental disease.

  3. Margaret, I’m so sorry if we offended you! I know that not all British people are out to get Jews, and I apologize if either me or Bonnie made it seem that way! It’s very frustrating to read about the constant hate directed at Jews and Israel, and we don’t always respond well to it!

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