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Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz

Israeli Minister Yuval Steinitz told Galey Tzahal on Tuesday morning, that Israel does not want to see Russian troops on the Golan Height and is concerned about the positioning of Iranian ground troops in the neighboring country, and the opening of a direct ground front with Iran.

Steinitz added, the world powers must “ensure the Iranian army stays in Iran. We should not see Iranian army divisions in Syria.”


Steinitz said Israel has no official position on the fate of Assad as it’s an internal Arab civil war, but added that “the war against Sunni terror [ISIS] can’t come together with support for Iranian Shiite terror.”

During his press interview on Monday following his UN speech, Russian President Vladmir Putin said, “We need to respect the interests of Israel, but are concerned about it’s [Israel’s] attack’s on Syria.”

Israel retaliated against Syria on Sunday night, following Syrian mortars strikes that once again hit Israel.


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  1. They also want conflict, especially now that Iranian oil will be flooding the market and driving oil prices down, which is against Russia's interests. Conflict causes oil prices to rise which is good for Russia. They will probably support Assad and Isis against each other.

  2. Putin and Israel should work together to weaken IRAN and stop and destroy Iran's nuclear facilities and Israel and Russia should destroy the terrrorists in SYRIA and stop the civil war there…..RUSSIA would be a fool to make Iran a nuclear power, then the other arab countries would soon become (buy bombs)
    nuclear powers, and once the mideast is all nuclear they will spit on RUSSIA and Russia will reqret and finally realize that RUSSIA was STUPID for creating arab nuclear powers….what a terrible mistake it would be……when ARABS are weak militarily then they NEED RUSSIA and love RUSSIA if they feel they don't need russia they will spit on Russia !!!

  3. Israel and USA should tell RUSSIA that they will not COMMENT nor intervene nor help any of the many countries RUSSIA is trying to take over like the UKRAINE…..they can tell the UKRAINE we feel sorry for you but we can't help you RUSSIA is too strong for us…..and they should tell RUSSIA look you let us be in control in MIDDLE EAST and we will be a good friend of yours…..if you keep IRAN and other arabs NONnuclear and deny them super weapons we will have peace in Middle east and less confrontations with USA and arabs and RUSSIA….also we can work together to wipe out ISIS using rough tough weapons like napalm bombs in circles around Isis that go off at one time in horrible fire bomb killing all in the circle…and syrian ashcans that blow up with horrible nails and stuff killing all troops on the ground….and no one should give a heck about killing ISIS since they cut off heads and kill thousands who have already surrended and are unarmed and putting them in mass graves! They do not deserve to be treated sweetly and kindly……KILL THEM DEAD and FAST!!! LET Russia make money from oil and have a nice life…..Be friends with RUSSIA…..but RUSSIA must BE GOOD FRIEND TO ISRAEL and not give best arms and nuclear weapons to Arabs….arabs never need and nuclear plants since arabs have unlimited free oil for their energy so top the bull about nulclear plants being needed for arabs!!!

  4. In fact Israel and USA should take over oil in Iran and Saudia Arabia (Saudi Arabia attacked USA in 911…act of war) and they both supply 95 percent of all terrroists in world….so take over the oil and then just feed populations and give salaries direct to people for behaving and doing jobs keeping country safe and need (not war….but cleanign streets etc)
    and do not sell all their oil…let RUSSIA sell more oil and let the price rise alittle so Russia will be happy…….but RUSSIA must NOT arm arabs and must NOT introduce nuclear knowledge not weapons nor plants to arab countries!!!

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