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The Burger King franchise will be returning to Israel.

Burger King arrived in the Israeli market in 1994, but cancelled the contract with Rikamor Ltd. following a worldwide boycott by Muslim groups, after Rikamor opened a Burger King branch in the Israeli city of Maaleh Adumim.


By 2010, all the Burger Kings in Israel were shut down.

Orgad Holdings bought the branches and converted them into the Israeli-based Burger Ranches.

Now, Tunisian-born businessmans, Pierre Besnainou, is planning to open 50 Burger King outlets around Israel over the next 5 years, with an initial investment of $12 million.

The first branch is scheduled to open in August, and 5 more by December.

But will they open in the cities of Maaleh Adumim, Ariel and Ginot Shomron?


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  1. If I was in Israel I would not go to burger king and let them waste their money for allowing the Muslims to tell them what to do the first time round. I will not support any business that give in to boycotts of any sort. I do not like bullies of any sort and I will not let a cult of pedos tell me what I can or can not have

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