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Caroline Glick

PM Benjamin Netanyahu will reportedly be offering the reserved spot for women on the Likud list, position #11, to Caroline Glick, according to an Israel Channel 10 report.

If it proves to be true, that’s awesome.


If she says “yes”, even more so.

Glick told The Jerusalem Post, “I have not been offered anything in a formal manner but I am flattered to hear I’m under serious consideration.”



  1. It would be ar more historic and correct to have Geula Cohen the radio annoucer of LECHI the pre Israel underground Abraham Stern group as MK!!! Cohen was instrumental in raisng the consciouness of the Jews under the tortorous British Mandate! Geula Cohen was jailed by the British anti Semites when they OCCUPIED our land! Geula Cohen to be on Likud list!!!

  2. Renee and Lenny. Agree. But I do like Feiglin too. I think he felt out-manouvered by the primaries election and I'm sorry. I don't see him ever has PM, but I love his rabinnical analytical approach to debates, and I love that he loves Har haBayit.

  3. Only solution. The world wants to divide Jerusalem. Judea and Samaria are biblical Israel and were not contemplated to be part of another state when Israel rose from the ashes. The nations will continue to try to divide the land. I am for a one state solution.

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