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Moshe Feiglin.

Moshe Feiglin appears to be on the way out of the Knesset according to early returns of last night’s Likud’s primaries.

Assuming that the Likud will not win more than 25 seats in the next Knesset, the highest number any polls show, his place on the list of Likud candidates will be farther down the list.


His loss will be the Jewish Home party’s gain because it will gain most of the votes of those who would have voted for Likud in the March elections if Feiglin had a reasonable chance to be re-elected.

Feiglin surprised Likud leaders with a strong showing the last elections in 2012 and won the 15th spot and making him a certain Knesset Member for the first time.

This time around, he made deals with Likud leaders to ensure his position, but they turned around and left him holding an empty bag. With more than 40 percent of the results counted, Feiglin did not make the top 15, and even if the final votes give him a spot within the top 25, he will bumped because the party reserves several places for regional and sectoral candidates.

Feiglln wrote on his Facebook page this morning:

This morning, I feel an obligation to deeply express my heartfelt appreciation to activists, volunteers and contributors who worked on my behalf and for the ideal I am privileged to lead – with exceptional self-sacrifice.

I promise that despite the shadow that darken the purity of the elections – and the results will be what they are – I do not take me eyes off the objective for a moment, and we continue…faithful leadership for the country.

Feiglin’s faction in the Likud is called “Jewish leadership.”

A sign of Feiglin’s fate can be seen from his statement after he won the elections last time around, when he declared, “This is just the beginning. We will build the temple on the Temple Mount and fulfill our purpose in this land.”

That is too honest, too idealistic and too close to the goal of what almost every Jew says , if not three times a day in prayer for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, at least once a year at the Passover Seder, “Next Year in [Rebuilt} Jerusalem,” meaning the Third Temple.

That kind of faith is too scary and not “practical” enough for politicians, especially those in the rough-and-tough Likud.

Feiglin’s strategy has been, in his words, ”to return the Likud to its true values.”

He signed up thousands of people to sign up with the Likud and vote for him n the primaries even if they vote for the Jewish Home party in the general elections.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu successful used all kinds of deals and tricks to keep Feiglin out of the Knesset until the last elections. Once was enough for him, and the bigwigs wheeled and dealed him out.

That is what happens when an intellectually honest person tries to succeed in politics.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. Sorry, I agree with everything written EXCEPT the last sentence: "That is what happens when an intellectually honest person tries to succeed in politics." Other members of the Likud are intellectually honest and got more votes than Feiglin. Feiglin's loss of votes is not a result of intellectual honesty but of cutting deals with people who do not keep them. When Feiglin recommended Tsahi Hanegbi, the right wing and the Likud loyalists turned against Feiglin: they remember that Hanegbi defected to Kadimah, Hanegbi is a red flag to true Likudniks. The support that Hanegbi gets from Netanyahu is ONE of the reasons Netanyahu is so criticized in large segments of the Likud and a reason that many people do not trust the Likud. Indeed, it DOES look like the Jewish Home party will be the only party a person who is concerned about the support of Netanyahu for the Two State Solution can vote for.

  2. How quickly the people turn on Moshe Feiglin.. Fickle is an understatement. Maybe he won't be in this Knesset but he has ideas/solutions that he verbalized that no-one since Rabbi Meir Kahane was alive have verbalized. Ideas like G-d, the Third Temple and the Jewish people unified. Do not count out Moshe Feiglin. Even King David couldn't simply take the throne from King Shaul – he had to win over the people first. That was no easy task. Take my statement for what it's worth. Don't trample over the back of Moshe Feiglin on your way to Beit Yehudi..

  3. If it's indeed true that his idea of Jewish leadership is to talk of doing something only God & Moishiach are going to do and by Jewish law the Jewish people are not allowed to do, i.e., build the third and final temple, then who cares? But, I believe that his policies regarding everything else were the most reasonable of all of the candidates. God, please save us. Israel's system, the worst in the western world, has harmed so many innocent people.

  4. Feiglin got 25+% of likuds vote to LEAD it in 2012. That means based on Likud is polling at 24 seats, Feiglin represents 6 seats. Bennet should invite Feiglin to join BY and offer him a top spot.
    This will give BY 24+ seats and leave Likud with under 20. Feiglin will teach a lesson to the back stabbers in Likud, Bennet becomes PM and Feiglin will have aarger platform than last 2 years

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