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Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Denmark's Prime Minister. Feb. 15, 2015

The prime minister of Denmark laid flowers on Sunday, Feb. 15, at the site where the day before a Jewish man was shot in the head and killed while volunteering as a security guard outside of a synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Was the murder of Dan Uzan, the son of an Israeli father, an act in which the Danish government was indirectly complicit?


When Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt laid the wreath outside of the synagogue, she offered her condolences to the slain man’s family and to the whole Jewish community. She said she and her entire country were devastated by Uzan’s murder, and by all that happened in Copenhagen on Feb. 14.

“A man has lost his life in a service of that synagogue and we are devastated,” Thorning-Schmidt said, speaking to Jewish Danes.

“Our thoughts go to the whole of the Jewish community today. They belong in Denmark, they are a lasting part of our community. And we will do everything we can to protect the Jewish community,” the Prime Minister concluded, before turning towards the makeshift shrine to Uzan, and then briefly embracing two members of the Jewish community.

On Sunday evening, Thorning-Schmidt spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. She provided him with the details of the weekend’s terrorist attacks. During the conversation, Netanyahu told his Danish counterpart that Israel and Denmark must together fight the current terrorism, one that knows no borders.

Netanyahu also told Thoring-Schmidt that “countries which do not fight terrorism today will deal with much worse terrorism tomorrow.”

But other than when a Jew is killed – in a spectacular way – on its soil, does Denmark show support for its Jewish community or the Jewish people? Or does its action actually contribute to the demonization of the Jewish State and of Jews?

This past September, Denmark’s Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard threatened Israel. He said that if the then ongoing ‘peace’ negotiations between Israel and the PA did not resolve according to his lights, punitive action would have to be considered.

Lidegaard warned that if Israel failed to commit to serious concessions, such as ending the blockade of Gaza or stopping “illegal settlements,” then Denmark and the European Union would need to consider taking punitive steps. The threats he mentioned included changing trade relations with the Jewish state, Herb Keinon of the Jerusalem Post reported at the time.

But it isn’t only Lidegaard and it isn’t only recently that Denmark has put the screws to Israel.

Denmark has been financially supporting anti-Israel organizations to the tune of many millions of dollars a year, for many years running.

According to the exhaustive data collection and analysis provided by organizational watchdog NGO-Monitor, in recent years the Danes have contributed tens of million of dollars for Israeli and Palestinian Arab organizations. Many of those organizations engage in economic and legal warfare against Israel known as the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns. The BDS movement, along with demonizing Israel, also engages in acts of blatant, hostile anti-Semitism.

Lidegaard’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly funds anti-Israel organizations. In 2011 alone, the Danes contributed over $1.1 million directly to Israeli organizations which actively demonize and seek to harm the Jewish State.

Gerald Steinberg, the president of NGO-Monitor, told The Jewish Press, the “Danish government is among the leaders in funding for anti-Israel NGO demonization in Europe, irresponsibly providing large sums via a number of mechanisms.”

Steinberg explained that the Danes support the so-called Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat, which is managed by Birzeit University. That entity in turn funds groups such as Adalah, Breaking the Silence, and Al Haq. These and a number of other recipient NGOs promote false “war crimes” allegations and blood libels against the Jewish state. Another recipient of Danish largesse – Badil – uses the money to perpetuate the Palestinian refugee demands and anti-Semitic themes.


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  1. I believe what we are going to see here is Europe going one way or the other. They turn one way they will continue blaming Israel for their problems with Jihadists whom they are spoon-feeding ideologically. The other way they cut support for their policies as they start to experience the horrific effects of the hand they fed with getting fingers bitten off. The anti-Israel Islamic world will only reward them with more terrorism. There is no precedent that any pandering to anti-Israel groups and supporting Palestinians lessens the root causes for the inception of Islamic terror or that they will lessen the attacks on Europe by Islamic fundamentalist. The old saying that appeasing didn't work for Chamberlain, still true for anyone else today.

  2. If Danish Jews stay in Denmark, they deserve no pity. The leader of the Jewish community Rabbi Melchior is nothing but a Judenrat, a collaborator and a Neville Chamberlain. Instead of urging Danish Jews to leave for Israel, to fun for their lives, he is demanding, yes demanding, that they stay. Why don't Danish Jews just put a target on their head and wear signs that say Muslims come and shoot me.

  3. Palestinianism is a mental disorder and left untreated can metastasize into a more serious mental disorder like Jihadism or severe anti Semitism which can become violent and even lead to murder

    Its the "gateway" to complete radicalization

    and that is EXACTLY what happened to this Danish killer – the progression was Palestinianism, to severe anti Semitism and Jihadi to murder

  4. There's an almost insurmountable problem now because the Jews are basically caught in a three way pincer. One one side are the Jihadis who see killing Jews as a primary tenant of their ideology. We have seen the Jews as the primary target is some attacks like Toulouse or as a secondary target in every one of the more coordinated attacks – Mumbai, Paris, Copenhagen. On another side of the pincer is the old far right where they've never stopped hating Jews – these are the garden variety anti Semites, but finally there's the far Left that often has some of the most virulent bigots and haters -many Jews themselves. Prevalent on college campus and leaders in boycotts and campaigns involving NGOs etc. The Jews are now in the middle of this and if the Islamists are the focus, the college campus and the leftists will suddenly become active or NGO's will issue some "paper" or the EU will vote to reward the Palestinians with someone or condemn Israel for something else. SO while the Islamists are hunting the Jews down and murdering them the Left is trying to delegitimize Israel and take it down leaving the Jews once again trapped

  5. Lidegaard, foreign minister of Denmark, is not the only hippocryte in that BDS-choir towards Israel. As the article rightly states all of the present social-liberal government of Denmark are hostile towards the Netanyahu administration. Not a single member of the government in Copenhagen is a genuine friend of Israel. One party only is singled out in the parliament, Danish People’s Party which always takes a stand for Israel. This party is a national-conservative party which gets to the root of the terror problem: Closing of borders to Moslem refugees from the Mid-East and North Africa, criminals without Danish citizenship expelled, no mosque-building. In the long run it means Denmark out of the EU and shedding of EU and UN treaties binding Denmark to a crippling appeasement policy towards a still more demanding Moslem cravings.

  6. Denmark need to join the worldwide fight against Muslim Terrorists, stop Muslim Immigration, deport members of Muslim Terrorist Group and their Front Group Members and support Jews and Israel! All Congresses needs to declare WAR by 2/3 majority or more on ISIS, Iran, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, P.L.O., Hamas, Hezbollah, The Muslim Brotherhood, Black September and all other Muslim Terrorists,their Countries and front groups and supporters worldwide, defeat them install a U.S. Military Government ( like Japan and Germany after World War II )and transition to Separation Of Religion And State, Western Democracies, Western Freedoms, Equalities and Human Rights over 20-40 years! E-mail, call or write your Congresspeople to declare WAR on all Muslim Terrorists and their Countries they are a clear and present danger to Western Democracies, Western Freedoms, Equalities and Human Rights worldwide!
    Thank you U.S. Military, Canada, U.K., France, Allies and Israeli Defense Forces for protecting the Western Democracies from Muslim Terrorists Groups and the world from Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and Military Weapons Warfare in Iraq, Syria and hopefully soon Iran!
    Thank You Eashington Free Beacon.COM for reporting the stories of Muslim Terrorists and their Front Groups Like C.A.I.R. , M.S.A., I.S.N.A. and other Muslim Brotherhood Front Group that gives them secret financial support, secret material support and secret recruits for their Muslim Terrorism that our TV, Cable, Internet, Radio & Press or Print Media refuse to report because of their financial ties to International Corporations, International Retailers, International Advertising Agencies, and Muslim Investors and stockholders!
    Religious Freedom is a Western Freedom we value and protect with our lives if necessary and I thank God that people still do! We allow any non-violent and non-treasonous Religion to operate and build centers. Just try to do so openly or even in secret in a Muslim country!. Indict, arrest and put on trial anybody advocating violence, murder, genocide act of terrorism or carrying out any of these and jail, execute or extradite them back to the countries of their origin as enemies of the U.S.A. and Western Democracies!
    Stop all Muslim Terrorists by any means necessary including WAR!
    For all ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, P.L.O., Black September and all other Muslim Terrorists do, These bullets, bombs, missiles and lasers are for you! Courtesy of the U.S.A., E.C., Israel, Australia and Canada!
    Vote with your money and Boycott all Muslim Countries goods and services and International Corporation manufacturing there as they are the enemies of Western Democracies, Separation of Religion and Government, Western Freedoms, Equalities and Human Rights!
    They use their own and others children or civilians as Human Shields while fighting, They are killing innocent children, women and men all over the world for not being Muslims or their brand of Muslim, They are practicing Polygamy (up to 4 wives for men), They are practicing child marriages from age 9 to 18, They are practicing forced Female Genital Mutilation (no orgasms), They are treating women and non-Muslims as second-class citizens, They are practicing Honor Killings (for dating or marrying Non-Muslims), They are practicing killings for Apostasy (anyone leaving Islam or refusing to acknowledge they are Muslim by having a birth parent who is Muslim), They are practicing wife and child beatings, They are practicing flogging by whips or caning for unapproved clothing, selling/manufacturing or drinking alcohol, raising pigs/processing/selling or eating pork products, running or selling lotteries/ any gambling club or casino and all gamblers, listening to music/ DJing/ dancing/Acting, Performing music/plays/movies, Practicing executions for having sex without marriage or having homosexual sex, Practicing execution for heresy (holding a different interpretation of the Koran than the major Islamist sect in the area), Practicing executions for Proselytizing (missionary outreach by visits, talks, lectures, assemblies, books, pamphlets, DVDs, CDs, TV, Radio and Internet), Practicing vows to fight Israel, U.S., E.C., Asians, Latino Countries, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and all other Religions and Philosophies until they conquer us all!
    Islam’s Koran and Sharia Laws teaches Muslims that they can Lie, Cheat, Steal, Rape and Murder non-Muslims or different sect Muslims to further Islam’s conquering the world!
    WHERE TO BUY YOUR GAS: In The USA, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW. READ ON – Every time you fill up the car, you can avoid putting more money into the coffers of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim Theocracies or Muslim Dictatorships! Just buy from gas companies that don’t import their oil from the Saudis and other Muslim Countries.
    These companies import Middle Eastern oil: Boycott Them!
    Shell………………………205,742,000 barrels
    Chevron/Texaco………144,332,000 barrels
    Exxon /Mobil……………130,082,000 barrels
    Marathon/Speedway…117,740,000 barrels
    Amoco……………………..62,231,000 barrels
    Citgo Gas comes from South America, from a Venezuelan Dictator who hates Americans.
    Do the math at $30/barrel, these imports amount to over $18 BILLION! (Oil was $100-$110 a barrel)
    Here are some large companies that DO NOT import Middle Eastern oil: Support Them!
    Sunoco…………….0 barrels
    Conoco…………….0 barrels
    Sinclair……………..0 barrels
    BP/Phillips………..0 barrels
    Hess………………..0 barrels
    ARC0……………….0 barrels
    Also: Pilot, Flying J, Love’s, RaceTrac, Valero.
    All of this information is available from the Department of Energy and each is required to state where they get their oil and how much they are importing.
    We are boycotting all Coke Inc. Products for financially supporting and building a Coke production plant in Gaza where Hamas a recognized Muslim Supremacist and Terrorist Group by the U.S. State Department are the rulers and they waged war against Israel, and continue to refuse to recognize Israel, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and all other religions Freedoms of Religion, Western Democracy, Equalities and Human Rights! I suggest you do too and e-mail and tell your friends and family!

  7. Europe floats on the flood-plain of Jewish blood – scratch any one of the european residents, no matter who, and you will find an anti-semite underneath… Like Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the lip-service is golden but the content and results are tarnished brass.

  8. Copenhagen, other European Capitals & London are also trying to rule against circumcision & kosher food. London & European Capitals are showing their oath of allegiance to antisemite, beheader Mohamed by supporting "palestinians" PLO/Fatah-Hamas.

    They pretend that the anti-Semitism=Anti-zionism of the Hitlerites
    "is not so genuine or violent as it sound," and that the Hitlerites are merely using anti-Semitic=anti-Zionist propaganda as a bait to catch masses of followers and keep them aroused, enthusiastic, and in line for the time when the Hitlerite Dictators are sufficiently powerful to be employed effectively for political darkness purposes & agenda; destruction, death, grief & misery…Another Holocaust !

    I didn't even mentioned the NIF

  9. When Egypt & Jordan fight ISIS, all the western medias are supportive.

    But when it's about Israel fighting back ISIS brothers:
    PLO/ Fatah-Hamas, Hezbollah etc…, Then Israel is not only 24/7 brainwashed by the NIF members that peace is made with enemies, to negotiate with terrorists & that economic & miltary option is no answer to terrorism,

    But that Israel will also endure war crimes petition should it dares to fight back terrorism, on top of "particular politically correct tailored" Medias Headlines against Israel & especially against PM Netanyahu.

    The NIF also brainwash Israel that all forms of antisemitism are democratic freedoms of speech, press, art, social-economic & Judicial. it even justify murderous antisemite rock throwers as
    "freedom fighters revenge against Occupation" .

    The NIF & the Europeans funded NGO's are thru their "lectures" to officials, to police, to IDF, to municipalities, to students etc…brainwashing so .
    They promote political antisemitism

    The above note is just a tiny pixel of the bigger antisemitism picture.

  10. As a Dane who for a lifetime have fought Israel's case, it hurts to read so condescending comment about that we only cry crocodile tears over the death of a Jew. Certainly, our center-left government – which by all accounts has only one has a half years of its life time -is not so pro-Israel as some of us would wish it was. But that the author of the article on that basis is claiming, that Danes do not have sympathy for his Jewish fellow citizens are beneath contempt. And it is simply not true. We actually have a tradition of safeguarding the Jewish minority among us – if someone had forgotten the story.

  11. Steven Greenwald Look deeper into your heart and the truth will slap you in the face you fool; the whole world is waking up to realizing what's really going on and how Israel is a master in deception and manipulation… and stop shifting the conversation to ISIS and its elk; Arabs and most Muslims are more set against radical Islam than Israel and its supporters, who seem more than happy to support radical Islam, fuel it and exchange intelligence with its perpetrators; especially against Syria and Iran.

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