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Police stand guard at Jewish school in Brussels following attack that left four dead in 2014.

European Jewish leaders have sounded the alarm that European citizens serving in the ranks of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) present an “immense threat” to European Jes.

European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor said Tuesday that ISIS soldiers returning from the Middle East could serve to radicalise local Muslims in their countries of origin.


“Over the last few weeks we have witnessed tens of thousands of radical Islamists on the streets of Europe calling for Jihad, the slaughter of Jews and the imposition of Sharia law,” Dr. Kantor said. “The fact that specifically Jewish targets have been attacked in growing numbers demonstrates that the perpetrators are seeking to ignite a religious war on the continent and in some cases the authorities have been slow to act, further emboldening the extremists.”

According to the statement posted on the European Jewish Congress website, Kantor noted the rising violence and violent rhetoric being used against Jews around Europe  – including chants of “Hitler was right”, “Jews, the Army of Mohammed is coming for you” and “Hamas, Jews go to the gas”, – as well as the refusal of European authorities to react strongly to the anti-Semitic demonstrations.

“In May, a terrorist with ties to the Islamic State who trained in Syria massacred four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels and unless European leaders prevent the import of fanatic terrorists into Europe and act strongly against extremist preachers, incitement to religious hatred and sleeper cells, this could be the first of many attacks,” Kantor said. “It is vital that European governments take a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against anyone who is inciting to violence or assisting in the perpetration of violence.”

“However, first and foremost authorities have to take measures to reassure the Jewish community that it will be protected against the largest and most violent wave of anti-Semitism in Europe since the end of the Holocaust. Moreover, as we have seen in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State targets Christians, other Muslims and anyone that doesn’t follow its brand of regressive fanatical Islam,” Kantor said.


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