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ISIS fighters in Iraq.

Five northern Arabs with Israeli citizenship have been indicted for supporting the Islamic State (ISIS), buying guns and training with them for the stated objective of killing Jews, the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) revealed Tuesday.

Two of the members of the cell were brothers. At least one of the terrorists was preparing to join ISIS in Iraq or Syria.


Police and the Shin Bet arrested the cell in October and November. Two of the members are age 18, and the others are ages 22, 23 and 27.

The members were in the stages of strengthening their belief in radical Islam and told the investigators they support ISIS which Israel has declared to be an illegal group.



  1. Satanic Palestinians and other rabid moslem countries long for the destruction of a tiny, but a firm democratic country called Israel in the Middle East because of
    only one reason:Israel is not a islamic country.Islamofascists must be slaughtered without any mercy

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