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A crowd gathers in Jabaliya after the reports of the execution.

It turns out Hamas is worried about bad press, or perhaps it’s Qatar who is worried.

Whichever of the two is concerned more, Hamas is apparently finding it difficult to maintain media sympathy when the comparisons between ISIS and Hamas are simply undeniable.


Khaled Abu-Toameh reports that Hamas has given orders to end all executions in public squares and public places.

Based on the wording, Hamas’s executions of Gazan citizens won’t be ending, they’re just ending the executions in public.


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  1. Anyone who still thinks Israel is not legitimate state read the following – Britain had the mandate for Palestine signed over to them in a peace treaty by the Ottoman Turks in the Treaty of Lausanne therefore the land belonged to Britain to distribute and they made a portion of it Israel – just because ignorant people and Hamas supporters ignore the history doesn’t make them right…learn your history haters – Israel have every legal right to exist just because you don’t like it is your problem (Share the Truth)

  2. Oh! Come on now! This is BS, Hamas does not care if compared to the Devil itself, they are the same different name , and have same purpose, destroying Israel’s democracy, like the other morons ISIS want to establish themselves in the free world, same poisonous danger

  3. Note: Hamas is NOT worried about murdering people publicly. They are worried about being compared to other public murderers. BIG DIFFERENCE! Got to keep up appearances…otherwise you may lose some of the money coming in as donations. Life is SO hard!

  4. Hamas.and isis.have the same ideaology both have no conscience, they both murder there own people, they both kill jews+christians. Use children as human shealds. Dont no the meaning of the words mercy or love or compassion or truce.Both are evil. So what is this bad image!!!!! Do they want us to think that they are a religon of peace maybe!!!!!

  5. I’ve just been thanking every Palestinian and Arab Muslim who trolls an Israeli or Jewish site for their service to Zionism and to the people of Israel. It makes them crazy, and hopefully, paints a nice big target on their a**.

  6. They are still just as ruthless+evil as their counterparts the ISIS islamic/muslim possessed murderers…if they do not Repent….they WILL be shown the same Mercy they’ve shown to the people they murdered…..who,gave hamas’s or any of these bastard(g-dless) thugs permission to murder innocent people…….? You deserve to receive the very same in return! The wicked will SOON perish+be found no more! Repent or end up in the Hell where you belong with the devil/satan who was a murderer+still is from the very beginning! John 3:16;Isaiah 53;

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