The “culture of hatred” promoted by the Palestinian Authority and that has been more pronounced since the resumption of “peace talks” since last July “undermines the chances for peace between Israel and the Palestinians,” the Foreign Ministry stated on Sunday.

It tied the resumption of discussions with a sharp increase in terrorist attacks.


There were 76 attacks in July, 93 in August, 131 in October and 160 in November, and the attacks have become more lethal in nature, the Ministry added.

“Despite the apparent absence of a direct link between the terrorist incidents, these attacks are connected to the constant stream of incitement to violence and hatred against Israel, emanating from the West Bank [Judea and Samaria], primarily through channels related to the Palestinian Authority,” it stated.

“Much of this incitement is propagated in official PA media and in many instances, by PA officials…. This culture of hatred is a decisive factor in increasing both the number of terrorist attacks and their severity. Children are educated to hate Jews and Israelis from an early age and adults are encouraged to carry out terrorist attacks.”



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