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Islamic fundamentalists in France.

Many Muslims students in several French classrooms refused to stand up and participate on Sunday in a ceremonial minute of silence in memory of the victims in three murder sprees by radical Islamists in Paris last week.

Several Muslim students who had the decency to stand in solidarity against Islamic terror paid for their humanity by being beaten up by fellow Muslims.


Students in one 6th-grade class, referring to a cartoon linking the Prophet Mohammed with Islamic terror, told their teacher, “But you do not understand the Prophet [Mohammed]; they should not have to draw it.”

One student said, “I’m for those who killed [the victims],” Le Figaro reported, and a Muslim elementary school student said, “They had it coming.”

Approximately 80 percent of Muslim students in one class refused to stand in silence, and several of them suggested conspiracy theories to reject the idea that Muslims carried out the murders.

A radio call-in show broadcast comments by teachers that most Muslim students said they are loyal to Islam above allegiance to French values of equality and freedom.

An anti-Muslim backlash also has been noticeable in France, with several mosque desecrated in more than a dozen cities. However, the refusal of Muslim students to condemn the murders of four Jews at a kosher deli, and the slaughter at the offices of the satirical Charles Hebdo magazine underlined the problem for French President Françoise Hollande to convince citizens not to link Islamic terror with Islam.

A large number of Muslims stood with Jews and Christians at the rally, but the glaring difference between them and the rebellious Muslim students is age.

It is very reassuring to read foreign wire service reports that a 60-year-old Muslim shopkeeper stood at the rally with a hip Jewish singer, but many Muslims against terror are scared of the radical fundamentalists, most of them in the younger generation.

“I didn’t want to leave the house, I was mostly scared of retaliation,” said “Mohammed,” a secular Muslim.

Anti-Semitism, often expressed by anti-Zionism, is so deep and widespread that some Muslim leaders refused to attend Sunday’s solidarity rally because Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman attended.

The Committee against Islamophobia termed the Israeli leaders as “criminals.”

Below, French teachers tell a French radio show, with English sub-titles, what their Muslim students think of standing up against Islamic terror.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. the error of France…import people with values which antagonize the French values, and that they new comers want to transform a liberal society like France in a theocracy ruled by Muslim fanatics; and that is happening in all Europe, because of the weaknesses of their leaders

  2. Most young people throughout every generation believe standing up shouting and protesting is the way to get things done. But the problem with with these Muslims are doing is that they are promoting violence, and violence begets violence. The Jews and French police officers who were killed had nothing to do with policies that these Muslims disagree with. You do not kill the innocent to right the wrongs. These young Muslims refusing to stand and remember those who perished are making a weak case for sympathy for their people, for their faith and for their future. What they are instead doing only further cements the belief that there is no proof that Islam is a faith of peace. Muslims themselves are frightened to promote that fading belief as they are dying at the hands of isis, hamas, taliban, etc… and other "True" believers. As they have always been they are now and will always be…violent, misguided and unforgiving…the summation and personification of evil. Israel for the Jews…Hashem for the world.

  3. I agree with ONE statement the Moslem students made: They had it coming – 'they', in my case, referring to the nation of France i.e. NOT the Jewish/French citizen.
    Bibi is correct: there is no safety for Jews in France – and even if Israel has plenty of own troubles, Jews need to heed the sign of the Time AND her ancient prophesies 'to come home'

  4. Reading this article, one knows that there are really very few moderate Muslims. This is a sickening view of Muslims who APPROVED of the killers and not the victims. Frankly, forget the PC baloney. It is the Islamists who …had it coming when killed. That is the solution. Not caving into these radical murderers all in the name of a Holder-Bama view of so called CIVIL RIGHTS. That is not the issue. Surviving these murderers is the issue for Europe and frankly, the USA. First these killers came for the Jews…et al. You should remember that before WWII in Germany. Do you remember??????

  5. All muslins , they born in France or any country western , should be first a French , your country is first, if you don't want that go back to your country where your parents born,why you bring your sick religion to a western country .stay in the Middle East , or where you come from .

  6. Recommendation to the French government; deport all Muslim students who refused moment of silence – they have now become a threat to the peace of France; next deport all Muslims who have been in France for less than 20 years; following that deport all Muslims who have any connections to any groups who even appear to be terrorist front or organizations; lastly, allowed no further entry of Muslims into France,as well as through investigation of all Masques and Imams.

  7. Definition of a problem. The question many people do not ask what percentage of Muslims support the killers and how many for the victims.

    In other words how many Muslims are for the Islamists (poltical radical Islam) and how many are for a moderate non poltical non shira law Islam?

  8. What can you expect, these muslim 'students' have been programmed to such an extent they cannot deviate from the conditioning instilled by their radical leaders all the way down to their mothers whose milk is bitter and rancid with hatred.

  9. Often see comments below whenever there is an Islamic terrorist strike, I think the bigger problem is people have little understanding of what Islam and Sharia are about, Not all Muslims are extremists, not all those who follow Islam follow it to the letter, I see below one gentleman asking why nobody ever asks how many Muslims follow the radical Islam way and how many do not follow it, that is where people get lost with this debate, it does not matter, the reality is it only takes one madman to kill people, it only took 19 to kill over 3000 in the 911 attacks, it has been suggested that only 15% of Islam followers are extreme about it, the big problem here is there are 1.4 billion people who follow Islam, so if only 15% are radical thats around 210 million extremists world wide. Luckily the majority of them live in countries that are Islamic and do have Sharia law, the issue is though they are spreading, we are not talking about a few thousand people, we are talking more than 200 million people and they are migrating across the globe and once they arrive and start to build their numbers they want you to change your laws to suit them. So no not all Muslims are evil, in fact the vast majority are good people, but the evil portion is growing and the good portion is to scared to stand against them. That is a fact and as time passes and more and more countries allow more and more of the extremists to migrate we will see more problems until the day when they have such numbers that countries will end up in civil war, a war of nationals v migrated muslims… its not Islamophobia as people like to call it, its called common sense, the more radicals you let in the more saturated you get. Not hard to work it out, France is one of the most beautiful countries on this earth, deep with tradition and history, a beautiful language but it will slowly be erased over time because muslims out number everyone else and they are migrating and they do want their laws to come with them to the new land… mark my words, the clock is ticking.

  10. and this is why Islam is not a religion of peace and tolerance and if the Muslims get the majority like they have in the middle east, they will whip, even kill people for speaking out against their religion and will subjugate those of other religions.

  11. Remember the old proverb? WHEN IN ROME DO LIKE THE ROMAN DO! Well do you not think that any Muslim in the western world who fall under that and refuse to adapt, should be deported into the desert from where they came from in the first place. Each and every of those students who have been brainwashed by their parents and Imams are all potential future terrorists.

  12. Everything I find on this sounds like it came off the same news feed. And the use of an old photo from something unrelated is a clear sign of a weak article posing as real news.
    Regardless of the veracity of these hyperbolic articles, maybe we should all rise up and paint everyone with that same broad brush, and stay derisive and retaliatory. You know, the way that's been working SO well for us so far…

  13. It appears that the commenters to this article cannot believe that Muslim youth in France support the murderers of the insulters of Mohammed. How much they have to learn about the mindset of modern Islam! The blind are always the easiest victims to fell…

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