Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
IDF raid

Now it can be revealed that a collaboration of Shabak, the IDF and Israel Police has exposed over the past few weeks a Hamas terror infrastructure that, among other things, carried out the Highway 60 murder of Rabbi Michael Mark Z”L and injured his family members on July 1, 2016 near the community of Otniel in Judea and Samaria. An overnight raid Tuesday that followed a lengthy manhunt resulted in the killing of the Mark murder perpetrator Mohammed Fakieh.

The arrest raid in the village of Tzurif near Hebron picked up Mohammed Ah Magid Amaira, who carried out the attack with Fakieh, and several other cell members, including several relatives, who provided support to the cell, including giving Fakieh et al shelter during the manhunt.


The driver of the terror cell who drove the car in the attack is a Palestinian Authority policeman.

The raid of the safe house where Fakieh was hiding was carried out by the IDF Etzion Division, as well as Shabak and Police. The terrorist opened fire on the force as it drew near, and in response the force shot several anti-tank rockets at the structure where he was hiding, then demolished the house using heavy machinery and killed the terrorist. They found a Kalashnikov sub-machine gun and an improvised grenade near the body.

An Arab woman who was injured during the raid was evacuated to hospital.

During the raid, a high power line near Tzurif was damaged which supplies electricity to the Gush Etzion area, and specifically to the regional water pumps. As a result, the Gush Etzion and Efrat water tanks are low, and residents have been asked to minimize their use of water until the electric company can fix the line.


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  1. Danny Hendrickson: God is Israels enemy, as per history of the Jewish people. It's just a big misunderstanding. IDF is clearly the savior of the Jewish nation. TO IDF I pray. You are welcome to pray For them. I am tolerant of your way of prayer.

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  4. Unfortunately, Stephen, the US pays them for crime. Millions upon millions of dollars goes to Palestine which is paid to their families as a reward for killing Jews. If the terrorist is killed, more money to the family. If he is imprisoned, the family still gets money, paid by American taxpayers. We don't give it willingly, of course. Our government takes it from us and sends it to Palestine.

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