Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
Arabs on the Rafah border waiting to cross waiting to leave. (Archive: 2013)

On Sunday, one of our bloggers, JoeSettler, first reported on a human smuggling ring that helps smuggle Gazans out of Gaza and into Europe, via the Sinai and Egypt.

In the past week, three boats carrying hundreds of Gazans, as well as some Syrian refugees sunk on the way to Italy.


One Gazan survivor reported that their boat was deliberately sunk by rival Egyptian human traffickers.

Today, Israel’s Reshet Bet reports that Fatah (the Palestinian Authority) is claiming that Hamas runs the Gazan side of this human trafficking ring, charging between $2000 to $3500 for each person they allow out.

Gazans are in shock over the loss of their family members.

Today, the Palestinian Authority radio listed off the names of 90 Gazans who disappeared this past week trying to escape from Gaza to Europe.

Hundreds of more people are still missing.

In response, Hamas said the smuggling ring to Europe has always existed, and they arrested some people involved in it.

Internal Arab polls indicate that at least 70% of Gazans want to leave Gaza for good. The Europeans must take the moral step to help these people leave safely to European shores.



  1. Something’s fishy. You and another group report that polls taken by Gazans say that they are FOR attacking Israel. And then quite a few reports before then were saying that they were under the thumb of HAMAS. Which is it? Are you trying to cause another war? Who is lying?

  2. Yes, most Gazans are for attacking Israel. And their lives are under the thumb of Hamas. They are separate issues. There is more to their lives than Israel, but if you hate Israel and voted for Hamas, I personally don’t give a crap if you then have a horrible life.

  3. Internal Arab polls indicate that at least 70% of Gazans want to leave Gaza for good. The Europeans must take the moral step to help these people leave safely to European shores.

    You must be kidding me. Those people are fanatic Muslims. Why should Europe take more. This is crazy. There was a boat of Africans going to Europe who sank too. probably all Muslims. Good riddance and Europe should say NO.The Europeans and Americans are NOT responsible for the Gazans problems. They voted for Hamas. They should pay the price for their stupid and cowardly choice. Amen.

  4. Sure,that is if european leaders were intelligent! However they are a bunch of good for nothing who do everything wrong. They would probably accept them no matter how many people they will kill,rob,demonstrate in the streets yelling "kill jews" spitting on people etc and all at the expense of the tax payer.Socialists who run europe will "work"relentlessly until we go bankrupt.Today we hear that Lambardes the new chief of the french socialists forged his diplomas after the head of financial office cheated the tax department etc. What can be expected from socialists?no wonder these liars love the "palestinians" they created from a fake History(the kgb in the 70s)

  5. Actually, Yisrael, if you read those lib/prog blogs and op-eds, it's ISRAEL'S fault they're drowning….because but-for-Israel, they would stay in the Paradise of Palestine. Gag me…

  6. They must of been on their way to kill EU Jews. Remember everything in Aza is for one purpose to kill Jews. The TV, radio, crossword puzzles. The children are brainwashed from 3 years old and up to be suicide bombers, etc. Only Hashem can save us. Now is the time to do self improvement and teshuva before Rosh HaShana. Maybe we can save 5775 and make it a good year after all.

  7. I don`t think they are wanted in Europe….Why cant these troublesome arabs ask to leave Israel and start them a home in the Sinah….Egypt has offered them 5 times the land they hav4e now but NOOOOOOOO, we need to suck the Euro`s for all our needs for the rest of time….We may not be able to get our legit welfare checks if we were ever to get a job and restore a place in the desert of Zin…

  8. they are not Israeli, let Palestine take responsibily, let Pal learn from history and surrender sooner, see less of these beggars, these people have nothing in common with the European way of life, why are they not going to a more near Muslim country? straight question

  9. They come seeking a better life; then, they want to make the place they come to exactly the same as the one they left. They do not think about what led to the situation that they so desperately wanted to leave.

    We experience the same thing here in PA; people move in because they do not like NY and NJ; and then, they want to make PA into NY and NJ, just like the places they were so happy to leave.

    There are plenty of other places the Gazans can go to, that are not western, and which they will not openly despise, once they get there.

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