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Slain Israeli teen Naftali Frenkel's mother, Rachelle Frenkel, has a Rosh HaShana message for the Jewish people.

The mother of slain Israeli teen Naftali Frenkel, Rachelle Frenkel, speaks about the loss of her son, but even more about the outpouring of love and unity from the Jewish people.

In this video produced by, Frenkel once again acts as the conscience of the best of the Jewish people.


She says: “Cain asks, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ I think the answer came out loud and clear. We are one family and I am my brother’s keeper.”

Rachelle Frenkel also has a request of us, the Jewish people.

“Rosh HaShana is coming. Let’s all choose an act, large or small, to keep the spirit of those days alive,” she says, speaking, even smiling, into the camera. “We went out searching for the boys and we discovered ourselves.”


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