Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/TPS
Road leading to Majdal Shams by the Israel Syria border in the Golan Heights. Jun 21, 2015.

IDF troops identified and apprehended on Sunday night three suspects who crossed the Blue Line from Lebanon into Israel. The Blue Line is the UN approved border between Israel and Lebanon and is typically a few meters past the security fence in the direction of Lebanon.

The suspects were questioned at the scene.


The incident was not terrorism-related and may have involved illegal work migrants.

Israel in recent years has become a sought-after destination by work migrants from Africa, coming primarily through Egypt. Israel in recent years has built a fence along the Egyptian border to block the flow of work migrants, bringing down the number of infiltrators annually from thousands to a mere few.

It appears that the African work migrants are seeking new ways to illegally enter the country, even by crossing the dangerous border with Lebanon.


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