Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokeperson
Border Police Yamam unit

It was released for publication that a soldier from the elite counter-terrorist Yamam Border Police unit was killed Friday during an operation in Jenin.

He was airlifted to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, but died of his wounds, Border Guard Police announced Friday afternoon. An IDF canine from the Oketz unit also died in action.


The late commando has been identified as Noam Raz, 47, from the town of Kida, in the Binyamin region. He had served in the unit since 1999. He leaves behind a wife and six children.

Yamam officer Noam Raz, HY”D

There was a shootout during the operation with terrorists who were holed up in a building. After the soldiers fired an anti-tank missile into the building, the terrorists surrendered.

According to an 0404 report, one terrorist was killed, and 13 more terrorists were wounded during the operation.

The IDF investigation is deliberating if the Al Jazeera journalist was killed by a terrorist, or if she was killed when an IDF soldier shot at a terrorist who was standing in front of her, who was shooting at them. According to the IDF, as the Palestinian Authority is refusing to hand over the bullet to the IDF to examine, there is no way to reliably determine the origin of the bullet that killed her.

In the map below, the blue star is the reporter. The red stars are terrorists. The green stars are IDF soldiers.

Updated Jenin map indicating additional terrorist positions, including in front of the Al Jazeera reporter. May 13, 2022. Credit: Intellitimes


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