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Israel Military Industries says its new 5.56mm bullet will be in demand by Special Forces around the world.

Israeli light ammunition sales have reached as high as NIS 150 million in the U.S. civilian market, according to figures from the Yitzhak Division of IMI Systems, a major Israeli defense industry firm.

Yitzhak, which produces light ammunition used in shooting ranges and sports hunting, began a collaboration with U.S. division distributors two years ago in accordance with a business plan to direct one-third of the company’s sales towards the civilian marketplace.


The strategy to target the American civilian market was result of a plan to attract the attention of U.S. ammunition buyers around the world, according to an article posted Tuesday on the Israel Defense website.

The sales in the civilian sector parallel those in the military market where IMI is already a leading global company, with two-thirds of its product currently being sold in the commercial market.

The newest deals signed in the American civilian market include various types of ammunition and newly developed premium products. Among those cited by the company were the 5.56, 77 grain and 69 grain from the RazorCore family, as well as the 9mm type DiCut products, in addition to the division’s core Ammunition products, 5.56 and 7.62 ammunition.

“Working together with special forces and the IDF light ammunition division provides a significant advantage in international competition,” Vice President of IMI Systems Division Manager Israel Shmilovitz told Israel Defense.

“The division sees in the recent collaborations with U.S. distributors an important asset and a strategic expansion of operations in 2017, which is an important element in strengthening the relationship and mutual commitment between the Division distributors.”



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