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Ali Larijani, Chairman of the Islamic Parliament of Iran

The speaker of the Iranian Majlis (parliament), Ali Larijani, said that Iran would cease implementing the Nuclear Iran Deal if the other parties to the deal “make military threats against Iran,” the Tehran Times reported on Sunday, Oct. 18.

Larijani claimed that some U.S. officials have threatened military attacks against Iran, even after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was finalized in Vienna on July 14.


The Majlis Speaker did not mention the many threats publicly uttered by the very highest leadership in Iran against the U.S. and its allies. Larijani apparently does not consider those threats problematic.

The Iranian official also made statements regarding inspections of Iran’s military sites which seem to contradict at least the version of the Nuclear Iran Deal which the west has been peddling.

Inspections of Iran’s military bases, according to Larijani, will only be permitted if Ayatollah Khomeini gives his permission, Larijani announced. He also threatened that Iran would curtail any cooperation with the international inspectors if they are deemed to have disclosed any Iranian military secrets.

“We have said that the inspections should be based on law and they have not the right to inspect our military bases… unless upon the Leader’s permission, and if the International Atomic Energy Agency reveals Iran’s military secrets, our cooperation with it will be reduced,” Larijani noted in a conference in Tehran on Sunday.


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