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Future suicide bombers -- or what... ? These are girls who left their families and traveled to Syria to join ISIS.

Terrorists from Da’esh (ISIS) have come up with a new way to pump up enthusiasm in the ranks.

A Qur’an (Koran) Contest offers a “beautiful young girl” to tempt group members to compete for the top three grand prizes, “or at least a few hundred dollars” to be awarded as seven consolation prizes.


The beautiful young girls and teenagers are prisoners that are being held as sex slaves by Islamic State.

This Qur’an Competition for Ramadan 1436 / 2015 to Ramadan 1437 / 2016, held to “inspire” ISIS fighters, offers a “beautiful young girl” as the Grand Prize for the top winner.

The contest, which began last week on the first day of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, ends on the 20th of Ramadan. The announcement of the winners will be on the 21st of Ramadan, while the awards will be distributed on the night of Eid al-Fitr.

The notice about the contest, which according to the Hebrew-language PZM website was posted on Twitter, read as follows:

‘Soldiers of the Islamic State, Commanders and Troops, Greetings and salutations upon the advent of Ramadan, May it be the will of Allah to accept our fasts and prayers May Allah protect us all from the fires of hell.

Da’wa institutions and mosques hereby declare the opening of the Qur’an memorization competition, To include the following traditions (chapters):

Surat Al-Anfal (Surah prey), (Surah a-Ta’uvah) Surat Muhmad, and Surat Patikha (Surat opening). The competition will be held from 1 Ramadan 1436 to 21 Ramadan 1437.

Those who wish to participate may register at the following mosques: Mosque of Abu Bakr, Mosque of Osama Bin Laden, Mosque of Abu Musab a-Zarqawi (senior Al Qaeda official, the founder of ISIS assassinated in Iraq in 2006), and the Al Taqwa Mosque.

Allah willing, winners will be chosen between 21 Ramadan 1436 and 27 Ramadan 1437.

Competition Prizes:
Grand Prize Winner: ‘Sabia’ (a young girl)
Second Prize: Teenage girl
Third Prize: Teenage girl
Fourth place: 100,000 Syrian pounds ($530)
Fifth place: 90,000 Syrian pounds ($477)
Sixth place: 80,000 Syrian pounds ($424)
Seventh place: 70,000 Syrian pounds ($370)
Eighth place: 60,000 Syrian pounds ($317)
Ninth place: 50,000 Syrian pounds ($265)
Tenth place: 50,000 Syrian pounds ($265)

We ask Allah the Great to ease and help you on your way in serving Him as He desires.
Da’wa Institutions and Mosques


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. Unfortunately, ISIS take their inspiration right out of the pages of the Quran. Yes, there are many good people who are Muslim despite some of the teachings in their holy book; there are many good people in the world, whatever their people or religion. But ISIS is merely doing what Mohammed and his followers did in spreading Islam in the first place. In fact, in their adherance to the Quran, the terrorists of ISIS are surely being truer to Islamic teaching than many other Muslims in the world.

  2. Are you insane. First off these are IMPRISONED little girls, which also makes it pedophelia, which of course your religion condone since Muhammed was a pedophile. That says quite a lot about you. I guess you would love to win this competition, you sick person.

  3. I completely agree but nobody see's in that way. Western society is disgusting. You are blinded by your devilish leaders. Muslims arent doing this! But your very own beloved leaders are while they will create a society that is "lost" which you all definately are; brainwashed. I feel for sorry for you and your punishment in the hereafter.

  4. Of course it's pedophilia…they're following in the footsteps of their beloved crack-pot/ false prophet /pedophile Mohammed. Im actually quite surprised the girls are that old. This is merely a pre-lude to the 72 virgins that awaits them in their pretend paradise. Lord help us!!!

  5. Sadiya Shafique the sin of the muslims is the imposed strict judgment in the absence of the Divine presence , this started with the destruction of the first Temple and the exile of the Jews, followed with the exile of the Schinah (Divine Presence) and will finish with the coming of Mashiach and the en gathering of the people of Israel in the Holy Land and the rebuilding of the Temple. THEN the Almighty will be King upon the earth and upon all the nations. This brings us to understand that the forced imposed strict judgment upon the sinners is pure cruelty and murder

  6. Sadiya Shafique There are good, bad and people in-between in any and every society and religion, including Muslims. You say, "Western society is disgusting" – blanket statement of black and white judgment.which is frankly ridiculous. There are many good people who live in western Europe and America; many millions of people died in the past to enable people like you to have the freedom and liberty you can enjoy to live your life however you choose.

    The loving Creator of us all, whatever our religion or none at all, gave us the incredible gift of life to enjoy. Anyone who seeks to deprive another human being of that gift in a misplaced belief that that will ensure his own passage into paradise, complete with 72 virgins, is frankly committing evil of the worst kind.

    Whatever our path to coming closer to the Creator – and there are many – what is most important is surely the message, not the messenger: a message first of all to work to improve ourselves and to become better, kinder and more loving people, and to help others in need, and finally to seek to leave the world a better, kinder place than the one we were born into. Killing or persecuting those who do not share your religious views does the exact opposite.

  7. Belimbing Besi It is clearly recorded that Mohammed married Aisha at 6 and consummated the marriage at age 9. This has sadly led to similar child abuse being allowed under sharia law, because if Mohammed did it, it must be OK. Eg see

    The Quran limits men to four wives at one time (!!!), but Mohammed had several more than that. He presumably believed he was above the very law he was propagating for others.

  8. Sadiya Shafique So why are you still living in a Western country? Plus using your democratic right of freedom of speech. The worst thing is that you put all Western people in the same bucket, tarnishing everyone with the same brush, but in the same voice would be vilifying Westerners for not understanding Muslims and how you are so hard done by in the West. Why not live in a middle eastern country for a while to see how comfortable it would be. It's mainly Muslims in the UK who fiddle around with little kids, create paedophilia rings, insult and rape people because your beloved Koran says it's OK. As for being brainwashed, take every single Muslim person who has the Koran forced down their throats from birth.

  9. lets not to forget to condemn Israel…… where is that moron from the unholy un, kim moon …… hey O are you asleep at the wheel? OMG I forgot, the big O is begging the Iranians to accept the bomb Who has time for sex slaves? Sick v v sick

  10. Gila Rut Rina Wittow Muhammad (S.A.W.W) marriages were in His early life while Quran got Complete in His life's last year.
    And everyone tells about His Marriage to Ayesha (R.A) at 9 but does anyone tell about how many children He had with Her??? So its better to realize that someone is showing the wrong side of picture and i.e ISIS

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