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Israelis hold up photos of friends and loved ones, who were murdered by terrorists the Israeli government is releasing, in exchange for Abu Mazen not cancelling the "peace talks".

A report on the Israeli news website, Walla, said that Israel informed the United States, that not only would it free the 30 terrorists that were supposed to be freed tonight (Saturday night), but also an additional 400 Palestinian Authority terrorists – if Abu Mazen agrees to extend the peace talks for another 6 months.

The 30 terrorists that were supposed to be released tonight include Arab citizens of Israel, and the release has met tremendous resistance in Israel as the names that Abu Mazen demanded released are among the most heinous of mass murderers.


Israel said that it would choose which 400 terrorists would be release in the fifth round.

The Palestinian Authority has not yet responded to the offer.

Bayit Yehudi Minister Uri Ariel said that if the report is true, he will advise his party to leave the coalition. While Bayit Yehudi head, Naftali Bennett, wrote on his Facebook book that it won’t happen.

Admittedly, this act seems so completely illogical, that it appears Netanyahu’s only motivation is to kick the ball 6 months down the field, so that when the peace talks finally collapse for good, it will be close to mid-term elections, and no one in the US administration, such as President Obama or Kerry, will want to be seen as publicly attacking or blaming Israel.


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  1. This is beyond insane if true. Haven't understood from the beginning why Israel should have to make ANY advance concessions, just to get the bomb-lobbing Palestinians to talk to them–even though they won't recognize Israel.
    Agreeing to release these murderers implies that Israel has done something wrong when really it's the other way around. Why in the world would Israel make any concessions to people who are sworn to destroy them?

  2. Release of muslim 'palestinian' murderers of JEWISH innocents=ZERO positive results for ISRAEL.
    Land For Peace=ZERO for ISRAEL in return.
    Oslo is and always was DOA-dead on arrival.
    PA gives nothing but more terror and slaughter of JEWs, including women & children, while ISRAEL makes unilateral moves and sacrifices.
    Their 'leader', one abu-mazen abbas 'Black September' has been saturated with JEWISH blood for many decades and currently.

  3. I have respected Netanyahu for his courage and determination to stand for Israel and her people in the face of unreasonable back stabbing from the rest of the world. I must at this time think he has more knowledge and understanding of events than I, for I refuse to believe he would deliberately make a move that did not have Israel's best interest as the final solution.

  4. I can't believe it! I have always been so impressed by Mr Netanyahu. I thought he was the best thing that happened to Israel in years. After reading this I am disappointed, now I believe he is an ass kisser, who kissed Obama's and Kerry's asses and has no regard for his own people. If he had balls he would stick up for the Israeli people and tell Abbas, Obama and Kerry to bug off.

  5. It is a infuriating news to Israel, I just do not believe at this stage, the pm is doing this for no reason, it is better to wait and see what is the agreement behind this, may be the pm is releasing those lovely innocent terrorist to American and keep them there for good. So US will know how lovely they are.

  6. why to release killers while Pollard is still in prison. Once they are released, these killers are back in their efforts to cause more harm to Israel. Let them loose in Russia and hold them there. Obviously the philistines will not accept our existence and as they did during WWII where they aligned themselves with the Nazis. We do not need the philistines. Ignore them and keep them out of Israel. They are not our problem. They are the world's problem. We do not need to assist their sick for free either. Send them to Iraq who bans Jews from Iraq as does Saudi Arabia with so much empty land space, why cant they accept them..

  7. Instead of releasing these murderers who murdered Jews in the name of Islam Netanyahu should announce to the world,that there are 400.000.000 muslim Arabs in the Mid-East and 8 million Jews. Therefore it is not the 8 million Jews who they feel threatened by but it's the Jewish religion.Islam is a religion that will not tolerate any other religion,while Judaism does.Therefore a political settlement will not end the war between the Jewish state and it's self-declared enemy.Stop releasing these self-declared enemies of your religion.

  8. Who in the heck is running this nation? Who ever it is has their head where the sun don't shine and smells like crap. I guess you have never learned a thing, Arabs don't keep any promises ever and won't now, so wake up stop the childish nonsense.

  9. I hope it's a rumor otherwise I will be extremely disappointed with Mr Natanyahu who keep repeating that security is his priority. The first thin g these murderers will do is to go in the business of killing more Israelis. Shame on hi,.

  10. Israel MUST soon invade (that's what the world will call it) GAZA to stop the rocket attacks….stupid….just cut off water/electric/heat and other supplies that Israel SELLS to Palestinians but they NEVER pay their bills and they owe Israel more than 1/2 billion dollars so far and Israel should demand that Europe and USA and Saudi Arabia etc PAY THAT BILL for all the stuff that Israel provides…it is NOT a gift….if they shut off all that stuff…then maybe GAZA will take the hint to stop firing rockets at Israel !!! Oh but the world will accuse Israel of being Nazi since the innocent poor Gaza Palestinians are just playing when they shoot rockets to KILL JEWS just lilke when Palestinians THROW ROCKS and sometimes kill and maim jews….its just a game not really important….but if Israel fight back…oh that's horrible mean….oh Israel should execute violent terrorists within 3 weeks of committing their acts….and should fire back on the exact spot where missiles are fired from within minutes of the rockets being fired…..regardless of where they shoot the missiles from! IT'S time for Israel to act like and independent REAL country being attacked by its enemies!

  11. Also its time for Israel to be ARAB FREE…..the arabs have millions of people…maybe billion and 22 countries and thousands of times more land than Israel has….so let the Palestinians all move to JORDAN which is about 85% Palestinian anyway…..the sworn forever permenant enemies of Israel(the Palestinians) should NOT live in Israel at all! the should not be given Jewish land such as GAZA or anywhere else in Israel….Israel is soooooooo small its a joke…..
    and even the tiny small country is filled up with millions of ARABS who all hate and want to destroy Israel …..can Jews openly live in any arab countries like that…some live in Iran but Iranians are Persians not really arabs….and even Iran talks about destroying Israel

  12. That is a great book, but what the arabs/muslims have done since far out strips what you read in the book. Any Jew alive today who still stands up for the so called palestinian people is the lowest form of self hating Jew possible!! What does it take to get it already!!??

  13. Israel should only do it…. IF THEY PICK THE TERRORISTS and The U.S also Releases Pollard!!!
    I honestly believe Pollard will become a pawn in this thing… it seems it's the only way to get him out before he's dead!!!.

  14. Russia does have fertile land and fresh water , and I hear they're expanding. The US has plenty of space too (they'd prefer Canada if freshwater's a dealbreaker though). I'd have no problem with them moving over here, but they'd never go for it no matter how fertile the land or fresh the water. Too bad. You'd think as part of one of the five pillars, their brothers in the faith would come to their aid to improve their lives instead of using them as a stumbling block for Israel. But like others here have said, it's not just about the land (even though any piece of fertile land with freshwater is as holy as any mosque or temple). It runs a lot deeper than the land. I wish I had the answers – at least the good ones.

  15. "There are no plans to release Jonathan Pollard at the moment,” said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. “Jonathan Pollard was convicted of espionage against the United States – a very serious crime. He was sentenced to life and is currently serving his sentence.”

    Bibi, give Obama and Kerry the "Psaki Answer" on releasing terrorists .

  16. It seems as though Netanyahu is talking from fear, not strength.
    The PA is talking from strength.
    Netanyahu, if he carries on with this, should be made to resign as PM and bring in a real Right wing government.
    If he relases any more terrorists, he should be arrested and imprisoned for high treason
    Has he not learned from the mistake that Sharon created?
    It only strengthened the terrorists and Israelis are suffering.
    Surely, he is not a fool?
    He knows very well that Arafat in a suit, holocaust denier, Abbas will never give one inch, but only make more demands, with the help of the Muslim in the WH. And Israel has given in to each demand.
    Israel is talking from sheer weakness. It should be the one to make demands and talk from strength.
    Release even one more terrorst, would see hundreds more Jews being murderers. Now he BEGS Abbas to keep talking for anoth 6 months.
    Abbas is the one who should be begging Israel.
    Netanyahu makes brilliant speeches, but he does not put into actiuon what he says.
    Israel needs a strong PM. Bibi is a weakling.
    I used think that BIBI is my hero. NO MORE>

  17. Abbas has said that if a PA state is created, it will, as the Nazis said "Unden frei" Free of Jews. And Israel is called the apartheid state.
    When will the Christian world wake up to real facts?
    The entire Christian world should support Israel, not the Nazi PA terrorists.

  18. This is totally wrong from every perspective. Releasing more convicted murderers so they can kill more Jews is morally repulsive. And for what? To make Obama happy, to encourage more terrorism, to stimulate anti-Semitism? Netanyahu has the crossed the line. He needs to be replaced by some one who cares about the safety and security of Israel and the Jewish people.

  19. This is completely insane, and even the "realpolitik" logic cited in the article above – waiting for the mid-term elections in the U.S. – is backwards.

    NOW is the time for the Israeli leadership to press what is in fact their diplomatic PR advantage. The WSJ ran an editorial on March 21 backing Netanyahu's position vis-a-vis Obama and the PA (hard to tell them apart) on the matter of PA recogntion of Israel as a Jewish state. That is the most widely-read print daily in the U.S.

    The talks are failing due to PA refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. That is the core reason. Israel needs to let them fail. And if there is an "explosion" that Netanyahu refers to as the alternative to talks, then this is his cue to CRUSH THE PA/PLO ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    That is what should have happened in Lebanon in '82. But Reagan insisted that Israel let them escape to Tunisia. This was the most harmful thing any U.S. president had pressured Israel into until Obama came along.

    Of course, Obama, the UN, the EU, etc., will go crazy if Israel destroys the PA/PLO. This can be ridden out. Obama won't be around forever (it just seems that way sometimes).

    Israel should call out the UN for the petrodollar whorehouse that they are. They have no legitimacy, and are in no moral position to dictate to Israel.

    If Israel waits until the mid-terrms to let the talks fail, right after the mid-terms – when Obama REALLY has nothing left to lose – he'll let this go to the UN, and he'll back the Palis. Waiting until the mid-terms plays right into Obama's guns.

    Israel must stand on principle and let these talks collapse NOW.There is nothing of any value to lose here, and all to gain. There is a lot to lose by making more pointless concessions that pave the way for still more to come. THE BEST WAY TO GET SOMEONE OFF YOUR BACK IS TO STAND UP STRAIGHT.

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