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Wanted dead and not alive: Mohammed Deif

The Israeli Air Force tried to eliminate Hamas’s terrorist chief Mohammed Deif in a bunker-buster bombing raid on his home Tuesday night.

Hamas has confirmed that his wife and a daughter were killed. It is not known if he was at his home at the time and, if so, if he was killed or wounded. Hamas silence on his fate raises speculation that he may have been killed or seriously wounded.


Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar Wednesday morning compared Deif with Osama bin Laden, calling him an arch-murderer.

The attempt to kill Deif is a clear signal from Israel that it wants to target terrorist leaders, and it can be assumed that all of them are hiding underground or within areas with a high civilian population.

Israel has plenty of other wanted terrorists to eliminate. One of them is Ismail Haniyeh, who was de facto prime minister of Gaza until Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas partnered up with a unity government earlier this year.

Haniyeh is one of the original founders of Hamas and still leads the terrorist organization under the camouflage of a “technocrat” unity government that supposedly does not include Hamas.

But Hamas is more than a terrorist group. Like Hezbollah in Lebanon, it finances, with the help of Qatar and Iran, and operates schools welfare and social services. It is intertwined in the daily lives of Gazans, who are dependent on Hamas for necessities of life.

If Israel wants to go for broke, it can aim for Khaled Mashaal, the supreme leader of Hamas but whose base is in Qatar, his benefactor.

Sources in the Israel government said Tuesday it has evidence that Mashaal purposely torpedoed the last 24-hour extension of the cease-fire in order to stop Egypt from pushing its proposal for a longer-term truce that does not satisfy Hamas demands.

Israel radio reported that Qatar, which opposes Egyptian mediation efforts, gave Mashaal an ultimatum to resume rocket fire or face expulsion


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. Do this and the war will end: Follow the money trail and destroy its path and its’ leaders from both Hamas and Qatar… We must bring the war to Qatar while also terminating Hamas leader Mashaal in Qatar; He feels safe there as the leaders of Qatar also. End them and the war in Gaza will finish.

    Sometimes thinking outside the box will defeat the enemy.

    Historically, during WWII, if only the Jews or whoever would have destroyed Switzerland’s and the Vatican’s banks and vaults, the war would have ended earlier; Millions of Jews would have been saved too.

  2. A bunker-buster bomb! Great news. Now maybe Israel will take the gloves off and fight the war as it should be fought. They can’t negotiate with genocidal terrorists. They can only destroy them…using any means possible.

  3. No Ridwan. Outright murder of civilians is done by Palestinian terrorist who have shot thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians. Palestinian civilians are killed when they are used as human shields by terrorists.

  4. Hey Ridwan the F&@ing Moran & Idiot ! Go & talk about your murderer “brothers” in Iraq , Syria , Libya ,Iran , Somalia , etc . etc . 200000 killed by your Muslim buddies in Syria alone !! Like all other Muslims ,you have a double standard you Anti- Smite Twit !

  5. It is a real shame that the wife and child were killed but the only one to blame is Hamas and Mohammed Deif and the rest of the fanatics thay have to be eliminated once and for all.

  6. Yes it was time to use bunker-bust bombs to destroy Hamas bunker infracstucture, but must worried could the Iranian leaders becouse Israel can destroy the nuclear facilities.

  7. so it’s fanatical to fight an oppressor who insists upon destroying homes in order to create zionist ‘settlements’ outside the legal bounds of israel? riiiight

  8. Use bunker busters, MOABs, TomaHawks, Grim Reaper drones, Hellfires, s300, Uncle SAMs, Growlers, pearlers, bigboys and pigblood death spoils, use it all, and level the vschtinkin place.

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