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israeli Arab Hamed Mohammed Habashi Handout achieved "martyrdom" in the ISIS.

An Arab citizen form Israel who left his home in the Galilee this year and joined the ISIS has been killed in fighting in Iraq.

He was identified as 23-year-old Hamed Mohammed Habashi, 23, who is believed to have traveled to Turkey and to Syria.


Other Israeli Arab also have joined the Islamic State, which is a magnet for jihadists to help fulfil the ISIS aim of turning Israel into a Muslim country that is to be part of an Islamic Caliphate.

Hamas is mild stuff compared with ISIS in terms bravado, making it attractive to wannabe gung-ho jihadists.

“Unfortunately, lately we’ve been hearing about a lot of youths and men of religion who support the Islamic State. I don’t understand this. This is an organization that must be classified as a first-class terror organization,” A Galilee Muslim cleric told Yediot Acharonot.

As previously reported, several Arabs from Israel, including some from Judea and Samaria, have joined Al Qaeda and rebel forces fighting Syrian President Bassar al-Assad.

ISIS flags are the new rage in Israel, and several have been seen flying in Israeli cities.



  1. These moslems and others who join the jihad again Israel, don't have their brains in the head. So if its not UP in the head, its gotta be DOWN … you know where? So obviously they can't think from the head.

  2. i have to agree with mr kardon..time for the rabbi and congregation to volunteer as an old grunt i have to say that we do not want war. it is time for the muslim countries to let their balls drop. throw the virgins off their laps and fight for what the believe in..turkey, are you listening? your way of life is at stake

  3. When you teach your children hate, they tend to do hateful things. They may then choose death over life. By choosing death for others this unfortunate young man chose death for himself and suffering for his loved ones.Tragic!

  4. I don't understand what draws these young men and women to a group of extremely violent people who cut off humans heads. Unfortunately, the Allah they interpret says kill all Infidels, especially Jews and Christians. Unfortunately, extremest Muslims have been doing this for many centuries. Obama does nothing except make the USA Islamaphobic. "We're not at war with Isalm", his constant quote.

  5. rest in peace for an error that you pay with your life they promise big money but Satan is your companion at the lake of oil sulfur and fire. Don't believe this sons of evil money will never you will enjoy many like you that know can not heir me but the life one can stop. money is a destruction in you life I live day at a time like me am not rich but not poor needier. you children that are want more an not going to get it if you do not do it you can get help. but do not stain you hands with blood. you are good mans

  6. "good man" you say Hector, the guy was a waste of body parts is all I can say! – it probably wasn't money he wanted but the recognition to become a martyre and have 72 virgins in paradise is all he was thinking about – Naturally you would think he might have been good, just as hitler admired the grand mufti! You might not have admired him as much if isis would take over the world as you would be just as much an "infidel" as everyone else and would be annhialated equally…!

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