By Andrew Friedman/TPS

Yochai Damari, head of the Mount Hebron Regional Council, congratulated US President-elect Donald J. Trump Wednesday, saying the election had “stunned the world.”


Damari added that the “revolution of 2017” brought to mind the Likud Party’s first election victory in 1977, known in Israeli politics as “the revolution.”

“There is no question that Trump’s statements are the most supportive of Israel and the settlement movement in recent years. I hope this change leads to a revolution – a revolution in consciousness, a revolution in thought and a revolution in action regarding our approach to settlement in Judea and Samaria. That sort of consciousness could serve as an opening and an opportunity towards real peace,” Damari wrote.

In Gush Etzion, acting Mayor Moshe Savile invited the president-elect to visit the region, “the place where the greatest leaders of the Jewish people emerged.

“Trump was successful by connecting with people on the ground. Here in Gush Etzion, he will find the simple people who are building future collaborations.

“I hope this leads to a new beginning, brave and connected to reality, not one that is built on the winds blowing in the halls of a variety of government offices.”

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