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An online survey by TRI discovered that 90% of Israelis prefer to work with Microsoft Office (and specifically, the versions you physically install on your computer), even though they have to pay and install it. In Israel, Microsoft Office is often preinstalled on the computer. Only 5% preferred Google Drive, and just 3% preferred Apple’s iWork, according to a BeHadarei Haredim report. The survey was run online, and 500 Israelis responded.

The survey didn’t ask about OpenOffice, the free alternative to Microsoft Office.


47% of Israelis are unaware of the Google and Apple online office suite alternatives. 19% think the competing online alternatives are of the same quality, while 24% think that they are worse.

61% said they use their current office suite out of habit.

32% use whatever software was preinstalled on their computer. 30% would select a new program if they thought it was better. 28% chose the software that allows them to send files to other people at work.

Israel tends to be an interesting mix of old and new technologies.

While it’s difficult to find an Israeli who doesn’t use Waze or WhatsApp, it’s almost as equally difficult to remotely interact with many government offices or large organizations if you don’t have access to a fax machine.

The survey discovered that Israelis are comfortable with Microsoft Office and use it both out of habit and because it works (Hebrew support has always been a decisive issues).