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Young man being arrested for saying "Amen" on the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day (2016).

Nearly half a century after the Temple Mount was declared by IDF General Mota Gur to be in our hands, the Israeli police continue to disprove that statement.

During a visit to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day, a young Jewish man responded to well-wishes from Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, and answered “Amen” — at which point he was arrested by the Israeli police.


The young man was released a short time after, but the police have forbidden him to visit the Temple Mount again, and he must also appear before a hearing to commit to not breaking the rules against free speech and Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

Rabbi Ariel, who greeted the young man, is the head of the Temple Mount Institute and a paratrooper who fought to liberate Jerusalem during the 6 Day War.

It appears Rabbi Ariel still has more fighting to do to liberate Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.


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  1. I'm sorry, I'm sorry Israel has allowed the world to dictate to them. Maybe those who made these rules need to go back to YHWH and ask what He thinks of it. Remember Israel the land doesn't belong to you. It belongs to YHWH

  2. How has placating nonjews worked for Jews in our history? Has it been successful in allowing Jews to live in peace? Peace treaties are one thing; but a treaty based on deep spirituality is merely a time bomb waiting to blow. And it seems like that time is getting near.

  3. I. The Cave of the Patriarchs, burial place of Adam,  Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and thier wives, located in Hebron 
    2. Tomb of Samuel and Hanna Iran  
    3. Tomb of Jonah Iraq
    4. Tomb of Isiah Iran  
    5. Tomb of Zecharia Syria  
    6. Tomb of Daniel Iraq.   
    7. Tomb of Ezra Iraq.

      Both Muslims and Jews prayed at these same sites. So praying together isn’t against any religion. It’s only a palestinian hate issue.

  4. Attempting to placate our enemies has never given us peace but the contrary. The 'Jewish' police are not on the Mount to protect fellow Jews but to persecute and abuse them. I think the name for them was kapos. They have a long dishonorable history.

  5. The answer is no. They seem to have immunity. How is this happening? Baruch hashem Adonai. His name is blasphemed by the arabs 24/7. Yet faithful followers must be "counseled" & lose the privilege to walk freely about this holy site? Shame on those who allow this to continue. Shame on you.

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