Photo Credit: pixabay

At least four Orthodox Jews living in the greater metropolitan New York area are minus one kidney — unintentionally — after having undergone bariatric surgery in Mexico.

According to a report written by Charles Gross on the New York-based The Yeshiva World news website, “A highly credible source – including one of the victims – has confirmed” the victims discovered their loss after tests were performed upon their return to New York because all four were feeling unwell. All were reportedly found to be missing kidneys.


Many Americans have been turning to international sources in recent years for various types of care; the practice has come to be known as “medical tourism” but in fact in some cases it is a move made in desperation, due to the astronomical cost of medical care in the United States.

Health insurance often does not cover badly-needed procedures; as in the above case, many people are denied coverage by their plans.

The cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico, depending upon the procedure, costs approximately half of what it does in the United States.

Unless one figures in the horrific cost medically, financially, psychologically and in all other ways that come along with the unexpected loss of an organ.