Photo Credit: Miriam Alster / Flash 90
PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara at the Likud election celebration.

מהפך “Mahapach” – translated as upheaval or revolution, was the headline used by the Israeli media immediately following the 1977 elections when the Likud, led by Menachem Begin, won for the first time, changing the face of Israeli politics forever.

The overwhelming electoral victory yesterday by the Likud, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, was nothing less than that, a revolution and upheaval, and most importantly, an absolutely clear mandate from the people to lead the coalition and the State of Israel.


With 99% of the votes counted, we’ll only see 1 seat change here or there as the percentages and deals are calculated.

The Likud is either at 29 or 30 seats, with an absolutely clear lead.

Labor/Zionist Union (Herzog / Livni): 24
Likud (Netanyahu): 29 (or 30)
The Joint (Arab) List: 14
Bayit Yehudi (Bennett): 8
Yesh Atid (Lapid): 11
Kulanu (Kachlon): 10
UTJ (Gafni / Litzman): 7 (or 6)
Shas (Deri): 7
Yisrael Beyteynu (Liberman): 6
Meretz (Gal-On): 4
Yachad (Eli Yishai): 0


Both large parties, Likud and Zionist Union, won their seats by cannibalizing their smaller natural partners.

Bayit Yehudi made the biggest sacrifice for the Likud, with Bayit Yehudi voters heeding Netanyahu’s call to vote for Likud to guarantee Netanyahu a clear mandate..

Eli Yishai’s Yachad party did not make it into the Knesset.

Zahava Galon, the head of the Meretz party quit her party this morning, after winning only 4 seats.



  1. Thank you Dear God!! Thank you and Thank you again!! We all prayed for a miracle and YOU OH God shows again Jerusalem and Israel is your Chosen Land and people an no other party except Likud can fulfill your wishes!! You Dear God crush the evil spirits under Your feet who wanted to overturn Israel in a War ZONE and so it would have become a war to the rest of the World!!!THANK YOU people of Israel for a wise Election. We are forever thankful to you from South Africa <3 Congratulations Bibi and the Likud!! may God BLESS you and Keep you all close to His heart!!! <>

  2. Thanks be to all of the Jewish voters who allowed the world to have Bibi as the only leader in the world right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you from here in the states. I know he is your leader but we here will be happy to know that a real leader in the world exists and he does so with the intelligence and grace of the Israeli voters.

  3. You know Obama is going to try pressure Bibi in horrible ways. Obama right now is obviously pissed off that his 2 years as President are ruined to get Israel to give away East Jerusalem and Samaria and Judea. I just love seeing Jesus Christ frustrating his plans. He failed in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood, failed in Syria, failed in Yemen and obviously failing with Iran now that Bibi has won. God is going to judge America very very soon as its not serving Israel.

  4. Good riddance to Gal-On , Goodbye to the whore of politics, Herdog must now be held accountable for selling Israel out to agents abroad
    a nasty habit with Buji; Lieberman should come of his high horse, and Kahlon should know telecoms is not security; Treason to hold Jewish State to ransom; Yair can help out leading the opposition if Buji inside Bennet can hold his head high, and Well done Bibi;

  5. .Hashem definitely involved in this! My prayers were answered!!! Bibi is another David bringing down a giant!!! Israel & the Jewish people are blessed to have Bibi as their leader!!! G-d Bless Israel!!!

  6. Great Victory thank G.od!!!….Obama and the State Dept. tried everything to have the suicidal left win but they got their a…handed to them…Nevertheless the Joint Arab list ..14 wow!…They are the 3rd Party in Israel! Worrisome.

  7. I'd like to see how many votes were completely wasted on the tens of Parties that didn't get enough to earn a seat in the Knesset.
    And, I count at least 130 seats won by the Parties listed, but there are only 120 seats in the Knesset.

  8. Oh Glorious Victory…Our prayers have been answered…We in Canada celebrate with you….Congratulations to PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party ……ISRAEL IS FOREVER !!!

  9. Netanayu made a mistake when he said he was no longer for a two state solution

    Yes, a two stare solution is nonsense but he should have not said he longer supports it
    He should have something more vague like I won't agree to anything that endangers Israeli security.
    Why give hussein Obama an excuse to go before congree and say," Netanyahu
    doesn't want a two state solution which is Ameirca's position. It also gives that snake
    Abbas a propaganda point.

  10. All Praises to the God of Israël, and a blessing to Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu and all the people of Israël. We pray for the paece of Jerusalem and the whole country. God is still in control !

  11. There never was Historically a Palestine Nation and any people defined as Palestinian except as a convenience by the British Rulers of then the Land of Israel. Israel is Here to Stay no matter what that Muslim called Barak Husein Obams says from the White House. I think even the Citizens of the USA think that it is about time he was told like Chamberlain You have stayed to long Go Home.

  12. Hopefully the truth will come out and it will be very interesting to see the efforts that Anti Semite muslim black bastard Obama took to sabotage Bibi's reelection as prime minister. Obama the modern day Haman is a vile enemy of Israel and the Jewish people. G-d said I will bless those who bless Israel, and I will curse those that curse Israel, Obama will pay dearly for this as Hashem will take care of this matter.

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