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Likud supporters celebrate

A very happy PM Netanyahu declared victory at the Likud victory party, following the release of the exit poll results from Tuesday’s general elections in Israel.

Netanyahu said that against all the odds, this was a great victory for the Likud, and for the people of Israel.


Netanyahu told his followers that he called all the leaders of the nationalist parties and asked them to join him, and quickly form a government. He declared that he wants to form a strong, stable government.

Netanyahu repeatedly thanked his wife Sara for her support, and for dealing with all the media attacks against her personally.

Yitzchak Herzog (Zionist Union/Labor) said the race is still open.

Still, it appears that the keys to the government lay in the hands of former Likud member Moshe Kachlon and his Kulanu party.



  1. Today’s miraculous victory, is Yahweh’s “BIG BANG” on Bibi’s foes, God Haters, and Anti-semitists. But who can battle with ELOHIM, the I AM THAT I AM, the MIGHTY MAN in Battle, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, NOBODY? Shalom Bibi! Shalom Israel!! Shalom to Yashem Lovers!!!

  2. Congratulations Prime Minister Nathaniel Nethanyahu ! The votes speaks for itself that your people will not allow to be cowed by the Obama administration wants.God bless Israel. God said : If my people will return to me I will protect them and their lives will prosper. God gave you people of Isreal a man who is capable of running Israel. God bless !

  3. Many many congratulations to PM Netanyahu for a grand victory over labour party. I pray God to instil lots of strength and zeal in PM and lead the nation like Moses. Al mighty God is with you and with the people of Israel. Victory of Netanyahu is the defeat of Obama's two nation theory. Thanks God PM won the election against dirty game played by foes. Jesus is besides you.

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