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Arab digger breaks up a path on the Temple Mount

On Tuesday the PM’s office instructed the City of Jerusalem to issue a stop-work order against a project that has been under construction for two years, converting an ancient Ottoman structure near the compound’s wall into bathroom stalls and showers for use strictly by Muslim worshipers.

According to Israel Radio, Prime Minister Netanyahu on Tuesday assembled Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan, and Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev, to discuss the offensive Waqf project on the Temple Mount, because it endangers rare archaeological treasures.


The move was appropriate, especially since the Waqf had been constructing those bathrooms, as well as carrying out other projects for two years now without a license. The only question was how come the PM’s office waited for two years to act, after being bombarded with complaints by archaeologists, including the Israel Antiquities Authority, regarding the irreparable damage caused by the Waqf?

It was Yehuda Glick, now an MK, who in 2014 caught Waqf officials red-handed in the act of drilling through the ancient stones of the holy site, using heavy machinery. “They saw me coming and immediately tried to hide. It set off warning bells for me and I started filming straight away,” Glick related back in 2014. “They tried to hide, and then shouted to the policeman who was there that I could not take pictures without their permission. The policeman ignored them.”


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  1. I don't understand. First the dome had a huge makeover and NO ONE noticed. Now this. either Israli governments in charge or the Palistinians. You have to make up your minds and stand by your decision, because all I can see is confusion. And the more you allow people to do thing illegally the more they take until they have it all and then it is too late. Stand your ground or you will lose it all by your own hand

  2. We should be asking why the Dome of the Rock continues to be treated as a canton, when it was built over our Second Temple?

    As well, what exactly is the story re how the Arabs found proof of Jewish history in the basement of the Al Aqsa Mosque there, drove it into the desert, and set it afire?

    Perhaps Israel would be more respected if it stood up for its national and relgious rights, just as all other countries have done throughout history?

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