Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised one of his security guards who thwarted the terrorist attack on Wednesday at the industrial area of Maaleh Adumim.

“On the way here I spoke to the security guard who thwarted a deadly terrorist attack in Mishor Adumim,” he said. “I know him; he is a security guard at the Prime Minister’s Office.


“He acted with extraordinary level-headedness, resourcefulness and bravery. I told him that we are all proud of him. I told him that even when he isn’t at work – he’s at work, and this is our work, to fight terrorism with the same determination, persistence and decisiveness.”



  1. His training is deficient. He should have killed the"jook". Instead the "jook" receives treatment in an Israeli hospital, goes to an Israeli jail, has a trial in an Israeli court, all at taxpayer expense, while the average Israel barely survives, economically.

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