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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prays at the Western Wall ahead of his speech next week at the US Congress. (archive / Feb 28, 2015)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the Western Wall (Kotel) Saturday night, hours before flying to the United States for a speech to AIPAC and to a joint session of Congress.

Netanyahu said:

On the eve my trip to the US, I came here to the Western Wall. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I respect U.S. President Barack Obama.

I believe in the strength of the relationship between Israel and the US and in their strength to overcome differences of opinion, those that have been and those that will yet be.

As Prime Minister of Israel, it is my obligation to see to the security of Israel; therefore, we strongly oppose the agreement being formulated with Iran and the major powers, which could endanger our very existence. In the face of this danger we must unite and also explain the dangers stemming from this agreement, to Israel, to the region and to the world.


Netanyahu is scheduled to address Congress in Tuesday. As for now, approximately 20 Democrats will boycott the speech, which will be highly significant for relations with Obama and for the Knesset elections campaign.

Yitzchak Herzog and Tzipi Livni of the merged “Zionist Camp” party, with the help of Israeli adamantly anti-Netanyahu establishment media, have tried to make the housing crisis and the Netanyahu’s family lifestyle the major issues of the campaign.

They will have no choice other than to cover Netanyahu’s’ speech on the Iranian nuclear threat.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. I pray for him that God protects him and our government for once can see the truth in all he says and see the truth in Obama and the Koran and put God back a head. Of the United States and always protect Israel as was God master plans always,we are always.connected if the Muslims like it or not,Obama is just a play in.Satan hand,the only place he is heading hell with satanic followers of Satan and the Koran people during.these few days please pray that.America stays always close to Israel and God’s people.always.

    A humble leader who only bows to the One True God…
    And that’s why he doesn’t bow to oblahmah…
    That is so Biblical.. So so Biblical.
    Daniel wouldn’t bow to a Persian.
    How many prophets wouldn’t bow to Persians ??????
    History always repeats.
    Two leaders.. One Jewish, the other making secret plans with who?
    Oy…. Slap my forehead as it dawns.
    May G-d protect and keep Netanyahu. May G-d go before him. May G-d send all His angels to cover him with their wings.
    Please please protect him…….

  3. The 20 democrats who will boycott the speach can go ahead and stick their heads in the sand. It will not make the Iranian threat go away. They can cover their ears, but the problem will still be there when they uncover their ears. They are a disappointment to those who elected them to represent the interests of the people of the United States and their allies.

  4. I pray that the PMs speech will touch the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life. To strengthen those that are deeply concerned about President Obama's Iran policy; comfort those who support Israel; persuade those who are sitting on the fence; and send fire into the souls of those who wish harm to Israel.

  5. As you so rightly discern: the future of the nation of Israel is at stake. My prayers are with you as you depart for the United States. Thank you for standing up at such a timely hour!

  6. I pray that the hearts of the ones who listen to his speech in Congress will be prepared by God to hear the message that God would have them to hear. Amen

  7. bibi comes with rams horn to warn the free world the feckless dc occupier wants to end western civilization and have islamofascists rule rudy was wrong he hates america rather than not love it as the rest of the progressives liberals in the western world

  8. Gilbert Wald, have you noticed you are in the minority here?. Everyone but you knows he is, or are you the one who is “a special kind of stupid”, oh wait, there was never any question about you. This post is called a “Jewish Press” what are you doing here?. You belong in a mosque with the rest of the subhuman muslims.

  9. You STILL believe Obama is a Muslim and you think I am the moron? That is the best laught I have had all day. His approval ratings are back up around 50%, and he won two elections. How you can say that after Baby Bush is also quite humorous. By the way, “president” has only one “s”.

  10. respect the title not the man who calls you chicken for refusing to sell out the jews to obama and his islamo friends obama is using the election in israel to ram through a bendover deal with the shiite mullahs who want to finish hitler’s final solution obama has blown his cover and bibi is a profile in courage obama should meet with bibi in the white house and end his bull with a major ally of america and the free world if he wants to leave any kind of legacy or be known as a worse potus than the failed jimmy carter

  11. How could any Jewish person vote for the democrats when the administration treats our enemies better than our best ME friends and continues to throw Israel "under the bus" America welcomes PM Netanyahu and look forward to hearing the truth

  12. It's like how could any Christian person vote for Democrats? Or any who believe in GOD vote for Democrats?
    > No all Jews and No all Christians voted for Democrats and sometimes both don't vote for Republicans.
    >Because these groups of people don't really Believe and don't know GOD and HIS words where is His Will! They put first political ideals than Religious believes and morals. This is the time when evil possesses them!

  13. How are your born then Gilbert Wald? Who formed you in your mother’s womb?, who decided that you should be born a man? Do you believe in the theory of evolution? have you ever in your life seen an evolution? No. As i speak, God is going to touch your life that you might fall to see the truth, that God is keeping you alive after all you are and have been through.

  14. Prime minister need to ask God to forgive him and his country man for the way they treat African immigrants. Israel has shown racsim towards people of Africa.

  15. And that they would know how to react, having heard. It seems great wisdom is needed in these days. BHO even has many Israeli politicians talking strongly against Netanyahu BECAUSE HE ACCEPTED A PERFECTLY LEGAL & DEMOCRATIC INVITATION. Yair Lapid on Channel 2 last night spoke so strongly against Bibi his jugular vein looked like a hose pipe! Herzog and Livni constantly speak against Bibi Netanyahu & Hertzog boasts of speaking to "the President" often "on the red telephone!" I would not boast of being to 'in bed' with such an openly hostile President.

  16. I suggest that Netanyahu meant "I respect the office of President of the United States, elected by and representing a great people. Unfortunately the office is currently occupied by Barack Obama, but that will change in no more than two years.". In the US as in Israel it is important to realize that the government is not a shtiebel or a prayer meeting. It represents people of diverging beliefs and interests, and we all have to live with that and deal with it each in our own way.

  17. Sorry, Mr. Grant, but Israel since its early years has worked hand in hand in affordable, usable technical development for the countries of Africa. Israel has accepted African Jews and non-Jews who have come to live in Israel and have full rights. I am sure that you sincerely wish to honor your president, but not by trashing Israel.

  18. European Anti-Semitism: Do you realize that Jews are cornered between 3 fronts over there?
    The traditional Right, who've never forgotten that we "killed their Jesus," The Left, who love Palestinians and all Arabs in general,
    and the radical Muslims.

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