Norway’s health minister said Wednesday the countryman no intention of banning religious circumcisions but should restrict the religious practice to be carried out only in hospitals.

“If the children are circumcised in hospitals by competent personnel, we will prevent complications,” Health Minister Bent Høie told the Aftenposten newspaper. “This is the most realistic way to ensure the little guys against damage. All the other proposals risk exposing the boys to injury.”


He said that stories last year that the government would ban circumcision were totally untrue, but Anne Lindboe, Norway Children’s Ombudswoman, said last year, “This is not due to any lack of understanding of minorities or religious traditions, but because the procedure is irreversible, painful and risky.”

“A ban on something that is so common for religious or cultural reasons would not be for the good of the children,” he was reported as saying by Norway’s English-language The Local newspaper.

Jewish boys traditionally are circumcised in a ceremony in the synagogue or in a banquet hall, where a festive meal immediately follows the ceremony.

The health minister’s attempt to make sure that circumcision is carried out under hospital sterility also would turn the rite into a totally sterile ceremony.

There still are voices in Norway calling for banning circumcision of babies or young boys.

He estimated that some 2,000 ritual circumcisions would be carried out in Norwegian hospitals annually, and said that the government had yet to decide who would bear the cost.


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  1. Restricting circumcision to hospitals is acceptable. The brit milah is a community celebration that is typically held in the home or synagogue. A hospital is not an appropriate setting for such an occasion.

  2. Restricting is just the first step. Then it will have to be performed only by a physician or PA (not by a mohel) and finally it will be outlawed completely since there is no medical reason for this 'barbaric mutilation' to which the infant does not acquiesce.

  3. WE all have to understand that we are limited in our knowledge, if the creator gave instruction to complete creation on the eight day, that is what we do, what dos any secular government understand about what we do, as you always do what is best for your child, dos he want a shot at age 6, no but we give it to him because it is good for him, dos the world understand kosher law, we do, and we are better of because of it, lets follow the makers instruction, you do it when you buy a car don't you?

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