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Lt. Col. Eisner, who was about to become head of a major IDF training facility when career veered off a cliff, said he was satisfied with the verdict. It means it could have gone even worse.

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This Dreyfus trial is over, with the predictable Dreyfusy results. Israel has just destroyed one of its best and brightest over a cooked video. There will be no second chances.


A military court in Tel Aviv on Thursday accepted the plea deal between the military prosecution and Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, according to which Eisner will spend 2 months of community service at one of the ground forces, and then will retire at the earliest possible age of 43.

The court decision read: “We find that the arrangement is reasonable and we should adopt it.”

Back in April, 2012, large group of 250 European and Palestinian activists belonging to the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) were on a bicycle trip in the Jordan Valley, a region which has enjoyed relative peace in the relationship between local Arabs and the IDF, even as Judea and Samaria were ignited in violent clashes.

This very large group of dedicated agents provocateurs rode through one of the villages in the valley, and when they tried to get on highway 90, which runs the length of Judea and Samaria alongside the Jordan River, they encountered Israeli soldiers and border policemen who demanded their return to the village, because the activists had not coordinated their trip with security forces.

It should be noted that, for security reasons, Palestinian traffic on highway 90 is curbed and monitored by several checkpoints. This is part of Israel’s overall effort to prevent unceasing Palestinian attempts to attack Jewish targets both within and outside the “green line.”

It should also be noted that, as the ISM itself states this plainly, it is their mission to open up those road blocks, so that “the Palestinian popular resistance,” e.g. the Islamist Jihad and Al Fatah, be able to renew their attacks on Jewish targets.

According to the Deputy Commander of the Valley Brigade, Lt.-Col. Shalom Eisner, the event, in which IDF soldiers were trying to block the passage of 250 cyclists, lasted about two hours, only a few minutes of which are shown in the video.

Once told they could not proceed, Eisner said, “the activists tried to block the Jordan Valley road. We were the last vestige between them and the highway, and the protesters tried to pass us again and again, even though we insisted and explained to them that they are forbidden to break into a military zone.”

At some point during that two-hour event, an ISM agent attacked Eisner, and broke two of his fingers. Take a look at the way the Israeli officer is holding his weapon, and you’ll realize he is actually responding to a dangerous demonstrator, rather than attacking him unprovoked. He was provoked and then some.

“I’ve learned my lesson from the incident and will never again be dragged into provocation,” Eisner told Ma’ariv back in 2012, “but you must understand the whole situation, in which we were trying for two hours to stop lawbreakers. I simply did my job.”

And that good deed is certainly not going unpunished.

For his part, Lt. Col. Eisner, who was about to become head of a major IDF training facility when career veered off a cliff, said he was satisfied with the verdict, and as the judges left the room, he was heard to say: “this is now behind us.”

It means it could have gone even worse.

The community service is to start in February.



  1. in any Country Someone who disobey The Army Is shot Dead. In America when a Police Officer Tells you to stop . if you don’t you are shot . So all The Left Green Stupid Human rights Nazis . The Islam will Brake you Israel will cut the head of. The Israeli Law Peuple are under pressure .

  2. I would have shot that SOB dead, and taken a chance with a jury of 12 (or how many they have in an Israeli military tribunal). This officer desrves a medal, and his attacker, a severe beatdown.

  3. I regret that punishment. I believe the punishment was more of a political game than anything else. That Soldier does not deserve the punishment. He was following orders. He should be commended.

  4. As I has stated in previous posts, Everyone should simply boycott Israel and everything Israeli until the Israelis realize that their main and only objective is to protect Its citizens. There seems to be an evil strain of lunacy amongst Israelis that want to punish its Jewish citizens by bowing down to the Palestinian and world opinion. It is about time that this nonsense stops or there will be a revolution in Israel proper. Would the Judges have been satisfied if one of these ISM people came into Israel proper and killed 50 Israelis? Then they would turn around and say that the military just didn't do their job.

  5. I am flabbergasted by this blatant lack of logic. Once again, the perp and his cohorts are anarchists. It is their right to think as incoherently as they possibly may. It then is also their right to suffer the logical consequences of their belief system. They simply got a tiny little dose of comeuppance, the projected outcome of anarchy. What brain dead individuals handed down this decision? Here I thought the military was supposed to be all military like, not babysitters.

  6. A country with a politicized judiciary can not long exist regardless of which side they lean to. However, a judiciary that is on the side of the enemy will only accelerate the inevitable. Any judges that allows their politics to color their judgments must be immediately relieved of all duties. With judgments like these, Israel is digging its own grave. Who needs outside enemies, when the cancer within is this strong?

  7. To Lt. Col. Eisner, My heart and soul are with you. I say Kol Ha Kvod to you. You are a righteous man. You are always welcome in my home. As a fellow Jew, I am ashamed at the way you were treated by the IDF. May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life.

  8. If Israel's leaders were treated like this Lt. Col., who would be running your country? This officer showed more than enough restraint. The provocateurs were not going to quit until something like this occurred. Arrest should have been made after his fingers were broken. Where is G-d's mercy in men?

  9. Lt Col. Eissner should have been awarded a medal for his restraint and what he did.
    Imagine, had this been in revers. An Arab Lt Col smacked an Israeli. He would have been awarded a medal and been called a hero.

    Time for the IDF to wake up.
    You cannot afford to loose this officer who is a brilliant soldier, who would eventually become a General.
    The IDF should apologise to his and ask hinm to return to his duties.

  10. do the foreigners disobeying Israeli law have more rights than the Israeli citizens?
    The soldier should have been elevated in ranks and be made in charge of dealing with foreigners in Israel disobeying the law and simply tossing these law breakers out foreign airlines of their country without the Israeli government paying for it to take their trash home.Make this the new law and not reduce Israeli manpower making it a victory for the law breakers laughing at Israel too. Hence, you are breaking the morale of the ISrael soldier not to fight back which is what these goyinm want.

  11. Col. Eisner should be promptly reinstated in the IDF and given a promotion. That Danish anti-Semite broke two of Eisner's fingers, menaced the soldiers under Eisner's command with a stick, and blocked a road. There is a Facebook Page which you can join to support Col. Eisner. I urge everyone to do that, as I have.

  12. Sadly, it appears that Israel is becomming more and more like the USA. Where we demand our armed forces to do a dangerous job and then punish them for doing just that. I'll say a prayer that the Israeli leaders will wise up quit kissing the asses of these trouble makers.

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