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Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas

A semi-official news outlet that carries statements for Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas proclaimed on Sunday his oft-repeated wild incitement that Israel is out to destroy the central Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. And of far more international interest, the site added, “the current Palestinian uprising has its roots in 67 years” of Arab rage over the rebirth of the State of Israel.

The “Palestine Solidarity Network (PSN)” mouthpiece was quoted by the Palestine News Network (PNN) in the accusation against the Netanyahu administration on Sunday of ordering the destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.


Moreover, the PA government confirmed publicly that the issue of “new settlements” is not behind the latest round of Arab violence — nor has the issue of “settlements” been the issue igniting Arab violence over the past 20 years. It is the issue of Israel’s entire existence — as the more direct Gaza-based Hamas terrorist organization explains in its forthright founding charter, which proclaims its determination to annihilate the State of Israel at all costs — that the Palestinian Authority finds so upsetting.

“The current Palestinian uprising has its roots in 67 years of being forcibly and brutally pushed out of their lands and homes,” stated the PSN on the homepage of the PNN website.

PNN, the official Internet mouthpiece for the Palestinian Authority, posted the piece at around the same time a flight bearing Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was arriving in the United States for a meeting with President Barack Obama.

“Three months ago, Israeli illegal settlers burned down a Palestinian home in Duma (occupied West Bank), killing an infant and his parents,” the statement went on, promoting a theory that has yet to be substantiated. Jewish terrorists who in the past carried out “price tag” attacks and atrocities against Arab neighbors were caught by Israeli security personnel and jailed within days of the crime.

The Palestinian Authority instead glorifies Arab murderers, naming public squares, streets and children’s summer camp programs after terrorists who carry out attacks against Israelis and Jews. In the case of the Duma incident, it is still not clear who carried out the despicable arson murder of the two parents and baby.

“The incident was followed by an increased Israeli military and settler presence around the Al Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem,” PSN continued, adding, “Under orders from the far-right Israeli administration, parts of the mosque were burned and destroyed. Moreover, Israeli claims of access to worshipping sites are often a first step for more colonization of land and are inevitably met by a wave of rejection and anger.

“More than 70 Palestinians have been killed in the last month by the Israeli military and armed settlers, many of them civilians who were not involved in violent attacks,” the Palestinian Authority website claimed.

Actually, since October 1, there have been dozens of Arab terrorists — many of them teenagers inspired by the endless incitement broadcast over PA government-run media and taught in PA-approved classrooms — who have carried out more than 60 stabbings, six vehicle ramming attacks and five shooting attacks against Israelis and Jews. At least 10 Israelis died and well over a hundred have been wounded. There were four such attacks within a six-hour period just prior to the posting of the PSN article, in fact.

Most of the attacks have been carried out in and around Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem, and the ancient holy city Hebron. Both cities are sacred to Jews and contain sites holy to Muslims as well.

The blood spilled in our cities is a stupid, useless tragedy for everyone. It serves no one except the evil, corrupted Arab leaders who have destroyed nearly every bit of progress their people manage to achieve, and have succeeded in brainwashing the last three of those generations. They sadly managed to produce an ample supply of young expendables who grew up inspired to give birth, raise “martyrs” and give birth again. And now they are bringing up a whole generation of those silly enough and impulsive enough to rush into death without giving thought to the value of life, the value of true honor, as opposed to the travesty of “honor” sold to them by the fakers in their TV screens.



  1. The fact that they want to annihilate the Jews and wipe Israel from the face of the earth is no surprise. It’s written in their charter. What would make anyone believe otherwise? Kerry?? obama???? PUh-LEEZE!! Anyone who even entertained that thought for an instant…..I have some prime real estate to sell you – real cheap!!!
    Israel has only one clear choice here ……… matter what other option anyone else may try to sell.

  2. Israel has a legal right to repatriate the overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinians back to Jordan & Egypt. Israel does not have annex any land west of the Jordan River because it's the only entity with all legal right to it.
    Abbas already proclaimed Oslo dead, which still won't stop Netanyahu from doing the only thing he's capable of doing, appeasing, groveling, & allowing his own innocent people to be murdered & injured whenever & however frequently the so-called Palestinians decide.
    He's not even close to being able to see past his own secular Israeli-created insane evil box that keeps a genocidal population of millions on the same tiny strip of land as his own people.
    No country in history has ever been anywhere near as stupid & dishonorable.

  3. You're confusing what God asked the Jews to do only as they entered Israel for the first time.
    He also gave us laws of war. They do not include harming civilians for no reason. As is international law, if terrorists are fighting from among civlians, the complete responsibility for civilian deaths is that of the terrorists.
    America & Israel should stop ignoring the law and allow their soldiers to engage areas mixed with civilians & terrorists by bombing them all into smitherines. Instead, we lose our own brave heroes to suicidal combat.
    Israel doesn't need to kill anyone. They can just follow all historic precedent and repatriate them all back to Jordan & Egypt. This has always been the ONLY effective AND compassionate solution since 1967.

  4. Moishe Sachs I am afraid that you are wrong about that. Israel has to kill those who would kill us and in its current incarnation that would unfortunately be any Muslim who subscribes to the hegemony of their religious teachings. If there was a way to pacify those who thought this way we could, as Jews find a way to live in peace with them beside or among us. But the nature of the directions of their scripture validates and justifies the killing of the "infidel".Not only that, it codifies it.

    We are caught right now in the same war that history said ended in the 12th century. They called that the Crusades and it was the Catholic Church that was the target of their hegemony because we had been displaced. It was the church that launched the crusades as an act of self defense when Islamic hegemony threatened its existence, The Muslim mind set says that theirs is the only true religion and Allah has ordered them to make that so in the entire world. This means either converting or killing approx 80% of mankind. Until this mindset is eradicated we will know no peace from these people

  5. Moishe Sachs Since you feel Bibi cannot do the job here is a suggestion for you. Israel is awaiting your presence to lead in the removal of all Arab terrorists from its lands. You seem to have all the answers. Maybe you can convince Barack Hussein to help you. We wish you success.

  6. What has it gained Israel all these years in trying to be diplomatic and democratic? Admiration and acknowledgment from the rest of the world for her efforts in humanity toward those who revile her and bring false accusations, preposterous rules and restrictions, and terrorism to her doorsteps and chastise her when she defends herself? Praise or even quiet nods of thanks for the accomplishments in fields of medicine, technology, environmental care, sciences, that have benefited the entire world? I think not. Let Israel turn to the selfish chore of taking care of Israel and Jews, and those who support her, and tell the rest of the world to continue their march to hell, and help them on their way if need be.

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