Palestinian Authority Arabs on popular service committees in U.N.-run villages, commonly known as refugee camps, are shutting down UNRWA offices and programs  in northern Samaria Wednesday and Thursday in protest of “systematic reductions” in services for residents, the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency reported.

Similar protests have occurred in Gaza where UNRWA is the dominant influence outside of the Hamas terrorist organization.



  1. They have been living on U.S.A. dole since they went into the Camps which were funded by U.S.A. funds to the U.N. ,which most of their funds come from us her in the U.S. . It is time we stopped funding the U.N. anyway! we are not listened to, and it is run by Muslims to date for the last thirty years. it is time the people of America stop funding this. Where is all the arab and muslim oil monies. Why don't they take direct funding of these and other Muslim countries ,so wer do not have to go broike doing for them.

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