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Kebab Prince during riots / Screenshot

Riots began in the town of Elk in north-eastern Poland following to the murder of a local resident on New Year’s Eve, PAP reported.

According to PAP, on Saturday night, December 31, between 10 and 11 PM, a 21-year-old local resident named Daniel allegedly threw a firecracker at an Elk café called Kebab Prince. The café is owned by a local entrepreneur, and managed by immigrants from Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The café staff ran out at Daniel and, according to reports, stabbed him twice, which resulted in his death. The attackers were later arrested in connection with the stabbing murder.

Kebab Prince before it was burned down

on Sunday, January 1, according to police, the café building was surrounded by between 200 and 300 locals shouting Nazi slogans. They threw firecrackers and stones into the place, knocked down the glass window, destroyed the equipment inside and eventually set fire to the premises.

When police arrived at the location, the rioters began throwing stones at the officers, damaging several police cars. Next, the angry mob moved on to a second café belonging to the same owner, which they also burned down.

By Sunday evening a few dozen people were arrested in connection with the riots.

Elk Mayor Tomas Andrukevich appealed to local residents to remain calm and to honor the memory of the murdered man.

Before World War II, the Elk (then Lyck) and its surroundings were almost 95% Lutheran. After the majority German population was expelled, the majority religion in Elk became Roman Catholicism.

Lyck was the city where the first-ever weekly newspaper in Hebrew, HaMagid was founded in 1856 by Rabbi Eliezer Lipmann Silbermann. The paper eventually moved to Berlin. The local Jewish population was being persecuted even before the Nazis took power in 1933. In 1932, local pharmacist Leo Frankenstein was attacked – a hand grenade was thrown into his home. The wave of anti-Semitic attacks intensified after 1933 and many local merchants and intellectuals of Jewish descent were arrested. During Kristallnacht, Jewish shops and synagogue were plundered and destroyed in Lyck. Many Jews fled Lyck, some getting as far away as Shanghai. Of the Jews who stayed, 80 were murdered in German death camps on Polish soil.


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  1. Uhhh… My great grandparents were from Bialystok. They were treated as the Arabs now are. We Jews were blamed for everything during the Pograms. They invent the provacation. Instead of treating Arabs as we once were treAted in Europe, how about we treat others as we would want to be treated?

  2. My family died in those “german-polish”camps. I’m perplexed how fast people can change history. Why do you wish to continue this hate between two very alike countries. And in the meantime we have so much more serious problems. And if you want to know some Polish history,so you could judge is more rightly- I recommend Norman Davis 😉

  3. I don’t know who is behind trying to change the history it upsets me .Poland was invaded the Polish didn’t treat anyone bad they were over 3 Million or polish killed as well .,I hold no hate for the past I do hold anger toward people who are killing others in the present though .Im the US and I do not like the politics Islamic ideology . It is in our schools and shredding our constitution. Lots of violence. They hate the west yet they flooding our borders .

  4. Watch out you uneducated donkey ! The level of bull you are actually speaking is absolutely above any scale. Try to read about plenty of famylies just died trying to help jews like u to survive II world war and now ungrateful bastard with no respect is trying to judge everyone who just simply does not love your generally speaking selfish narrow minded nation? How are we supposed to even tolerate you if you are so rude moreover you are simply hipocrite. Because your accusations are generated by complexes of of selling Poles to ukrainians during the Wolyn action. No one after all of this is judging you jews like you were supposed to feel guilty for it so maybe we as a nation should change it instead of constantly listening inappropriate accusations of being nazi.

  5. Arek Trubisz
    Sir you’re on point
    Hipocrisy of jewish communities around the world is so not only teryfing but also just VISIBLE! And no one has ever spoken about it no one ever stigmatised such a behavior so why are you even trying to tell others what to do when you’re the worst role model ever appeared on this planet?

  6. No, I’m not saying that. There were some poles (intentionally from small letter) that extradited Jews to Germans, murdered or blackmailed. But I don’t know what are you reading or who you told about that most Poles complict with germans?? That’s a totally wrong! Let’s talk about facts.
    1. Antisemitism was present in many european countries before war, France, USSR etc. Only Germans murdered Jews.
    2. Occupied Poland was ONLY country, where for helping Jews was death penalty.
    3. So most people in Poland was afraid and doing nothing, neither help nor persecuted.
    4. Polish Underground State was one of the only places where tried to help Jews. There were Council to Aid Jews (Żegota), Home Army (AK) was supporting Warsaw Ghetto uprising with supplies and militatry activies.
    5. AK punished by death for helping Germans in oppressing Jews.
    6. Vichy France, Romania, Slovakia etc were helping Germans in Holocaust.
    7. Polish government-in-exile through couriers like Jan Karski inform western countries about situation of Jews in Poland and german death camps like Auschwitz. Information about that was come among others from Witold Pilecki, soldier from AK, who was volunteer to imprison in Auschwitz.
    8. The highest number of awarded by title of Righteous Among the Nations are Poles.

    Live in Poland during the occupation was highly danger like anywhere else, nevertheless many Poles tried to help Jews, many of them lost their lives for that. It’s a big misunderstanding saying that Poles helped Germans in Holocaust. No other country have done as much as Poland to help Jews and inform the world about their horror.

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