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An anti-Netanyahu V15 campaign billboard poster in Tel Aviv.

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A Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee has launched a bipartisan investigation into funding by the OneVoice Movement—a Washington-based group that received $350,000 from the State Department—the Israeli Victory 15 campaign, which seeks to “replace the government” of Israel, Fox News reported Saturday.


Democrats in the subcommittee, which has subpoena powers include Senators Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Jon Tester of Montana, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota.

Republican subcommittee members, who form the majority, are Senators John McCain of Arizona, Rand Paul of Kentucky, James Lankford of Oklahoma, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, and Ben Sasse of Nebraska, in addition to Portman.

Fox News cited a source involved in the effort to find a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which said: “It’s confirmed that there is a bipartisan Permanent Subcommittee inquiry into OneVoice’s funding of V15.”

The report emphasizes that both Democratic and Republican members of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations have launched the investigation.

Last week, Netanyahu told Israel’s Channel Two TV that foreign governments were behind the “Anyone But Bibi” campaign.

OneVoice spokesman Payton Knopf told Fox News that “OneVoice is eager to cooperate with any inquiry, and after a fair examination, we are confident no wrong doing will be found.”

Because of its tax-exempt status, OneVoice is legally prohibited to campaign against Netanyahu directly.

According to NGO Monitor, One Voice is the “legal-organizational channel” for Victory 2015 (V15), a campaign seeking to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the 2015 March elections.

The NGO Monitor website quotes OneVoice Israel’s Executive Director Polly Bronstein as saying: “We believe that it’s critical that the majority of Israelis who are concerned about the numerous security and socio-economic challenges we face have their voices heard in the next election. We need a prime minister and a government who will be responsive to the people.”

The NGO Monitor website claims V15 posted a statement on its website saying: “Among those that donated are Daniel Lubetzky, Alon Kastiel, Uri Weiss and S. Daniel Abraham. Some organizations also donated, among them OneVoice.”

According to, in its 2014 Annual Report One Voice said its Israel branch would be “embarking on a groundbreaking campaign around the Israeli elections.” In partnering with V15, the two groups have operated from adjacent offices in Tel Aviv.

In Israel, V15 has been assisted by Jeremy Bird, President Obama’s deputy national campaign director in 2008, and national campaign director in 2012.

The State Department has denied that its funds were used for election campaign activities.


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  1. Is this the same State Department that said it did not target certain groups using the IRS. I do not trust the State Department to provide a credible answer. Seems an endless matter attempting to cover up the corruption going on in this administration.

  2. I've got to wonder why the U.S. State Department is funding an organization that seeks the creation of a Palestinian state. The One Voice website states that its objective is a two-state solution and an end to the "occupation" by Israel. This is definitely a conflict of interest and an attempt by the State Department to interfere with the internal affairs of another nation. The OneVoice organization is reported to have had assistance by people, in Israel, who helped manage our president's campaigns in the U.S.

  3. I am sorry for my attitude, but when has ANY investigation by the Bipartisan Senate EVER lead to any REAL action? And I don't mean censure. That is provided only so the Senate can say they did something when nothing REAL happens.

    Please someone give chapter and verse of modern day politics if you know when Senate action against the government or the Executive Branch actually that resulted in substantive action. Thank you a head of time.

  4. If the allegations are accurate, I would move to have Obama and Kerry brought up on criminal charges and start proceedings to have Obama impeached. When they make a comment like “we need a prime minister and government who is responsive to the people,” what they really mean is we need an ass kisser, who will go along with the anti-Israel agenda of the Obama administration. This should also disqualify Herzog from even being in the elections because they went along with this ploy because it benefited them and increased the chances of Herzog winning the election. I would not be surprised by anything that Obama will do, corruption has been the mainstay of his presidency.

  5. 3 days till the elections, and there could be big time stuff coming down because of this serious issue…

    A 3 días de las elecciones, y cosas grandes se podrían estar cocinando debido a este grave asunto…

    Don't lose sight of what happens when they uncover the depth of what the [E-powers-E- that U-be-U] invested in this campaign to slander and bring down the only man in the world who can come between the union of these two things: A man possessed with an egotistical, maniacal power-driven urge to grasp ultimate power that lays before him, to control both worlds, and the true possibility of this man aligning himself with Irán (the Arians), and in this manner, changing with one quick stroke!, the whole spectrum of today’s geopolitical status quo in the ME, and exchanging Israel… Our Beloved Israel! … for today’s “Thirty pieces of Silver”: Oil and strategic military positioning among other things, that will allow them to be correctly placed to take on the real Asia Pacific-Russian threat to their hegemony…

    No pierdan de vista lo que va a suceder, cuando descubran hasta donde llegó el dinero que invirtió el [E-stablecimiento-E.UU] para financiar esta campaña de desprestigio en contra del Primer Ministro de Israel, Benjamín Netanyahu, en la Tierra Santa… El único hombre en el mundo que puede interponerse entre estas dos cosas: Un hombre poseído con una ardiente y maniaca ansia, que es alimentada por un egoísmo y vanidad sin medida, por tomar el poder definitivo que yace justo frente a él, para controlar ambos mundos, y la verdadera posibilidad de que éste hombre se alinee con Irán (los arios)… y de esta manera, cambiando así, todo el espectro del status quo geopolítico del Medio Oriente, e intercambiando a Israel… ¡Nuestro amado Israel!… por las “30 piezas de Plata de Judas” del 2015: Petróleo y un posicionamiento militar estratégico entre otras cosas, que les permitirá estar correctamente posicionados para enfrentar la real amenaza Asia Pacifico-Rusa contra su hegemonía…

    Man, this, to me, is the true thermometer that indicates how much Obama truly fears and hates Netanyahu… Things have become that much more clear now…

    ¡Caray! Esto para mi es la verdadera cosa que nos indica cuanto teme y odia Obama a Netanyahu… Las cosas se han esclarecido bastante ya…

    May GOD Save Israel if Netanyahu does not win these elections…
    Que DIOS Salve a Israel si Netanyahu no gana estas elecciones…

    ¡Víva Israel!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. There are no depths to which Obama won't stoop to get his way, including blatantly interfering with sovereign Israeli elections. Never mind that it's expressly against U.S. law to do so–that never seems to matter to him.
    Many Americans now agree that Obama has turned out to be the most incompetent, dishonest, and damaging American President in history. And i certainly hope his terrible mistreatment of Israel and Netanyahu in particular, backfires when Israelis realize how much he's trying to control
    Israeli politics.
    And his shabby treatment of Israel, American's most loyal ally, stands in sharp contrast to his bowing and scraping toward the terror-supporting murderers in Tehran!
    "Shameful" would be an understatement.

  7. Jack, modern day politics of this administration works like this, IRS targets certain groups, results,files accidentally deleted, Clinton deletes half her e-mails on server, Bengazi, documents requested has yet to be produced, Fast and Furious, Justice Department Eric Holder lied before congress, still no documents. You can commit murder, if the person is not found, cannot be prosecuted , same with e-mails /files and documents, you have to have them or it is hard to prosecute.

  8. It seems to me as an American born, this is the most corrupt admin. we ever had. why? Look what we have done to our self. he Obama has an agenda , he must be impeached. By the way I have been around for 75 years an never seen anything like this, he is insane. J. Lee

  9. The question has to be asked, how would the democrats have reacted if Bibi had set up campaign HQ in each major city and ran a campaign of anyone but Obama. While I have no issue with him having a preference, I think any Israeli in their right mind would have preferred anyone but Obama, I have a very large problem with Obama saying he did not wish to meet with Bibi due to campaign issues, then turns around and has his campaign workers over in Israel running this. Once more we see with Obama and the liberals why the Democratic party is no longer the friend of Israel.

  10. Give me a break, this was not broke by Fox you idiot, it is a open item that was first reported by the NY Times. Might wish to get your facts, typical democrat, can not argue with the facts so you attack who you think presented it. Of course voting for the loser we have now twice alone tells me you are lacking in the intelligence department.

  11. Is Your state a Partner to You ? EVERY CITIZEN CAN SUPPORT OR REFUSE IT'S GOVERNMENT VISION AND POLICY. A big task still awaits every Nation: To decide and even written declare either accepting the State leadership's (in power) VISION of existence and progress or to oppose and radically search for a better Ambient-State, suggest repairs of the VISION. This idea could work to block all external interferences and possible individual mind changing. Once the majority of supporters is being created, the minority should respect the Vision's realisation.

  12. Let us not ignore the racist element that Obama introduced into both the American presidential race and the Israeli one, mobilizing in the first the racist black vote by organizing the busing of black church congregations to early voting (100% for Obama) and now organizing the Arab anti-Jewish bloc party and propagandizing the Israeli Arabs to get them out to vote (100% against mainstream, non-ethnic parties). It is now the non-whites and self-professed "liberals" who are the racists, mobilizing ethic bloc voting in total disregard of political philosophy other than on race and ethnicity.

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