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The electronic billboard screen behind the stage at the NYC Stop Iran Rally. July 22, 2015.
Stop Iran Now rally in NYC Times Square. July 22, 2015. The crowd is still blocks long at 7:30 p.m.

Other speakers included former Cong. Allen West, CUFI executive director David Brog, Frank Gaffney, the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, national security expert Clare Lopez, Pakistani Muslim and outspoken opponent of Islamic terrorism Kasim Hafeez.

More than three dozen organizations co-sponsored the rally.



  1. The Iranian Deal, like the men who brokered it on both sides, is flawed at its very core.
    You do not give Nuclear Weapons to a nation of terrorists who consistently call for your death.
    It would be like handing a loaded gun to a serial killer, giving him money and hoping that he will not shoot you, because he is now your friend. He shoots you anyway and you wonder why- he told you he would, it’s in his nature.

  2. Alan, why do you think this is news worthy enough to be covered? You do realize there are 8 million people who live in NYC, aprox 16 Million in the city on average daytime and 12 Million on average evening. So 12 thousand is not that big a deal don't get nuts, anytime 12 thousand Jews get together it's a big deal) but you see this might not be a big deal and most people are for the treaty. Also, even the congress has not doen anything yet and the repubs in congress are against this because Obama is for it. It could be the rally was just too early in the process. Wait untill congress gets nuts over this, then see what happens.

  3. As a student of history especially WW2 and Middle East, I cannot think of a more dangerous deal to our nation and children that the one Obama and Kerry announced with Iran this week. Let’s talk facts and not emotion:
    • The leadership of the Iranian revolution murder their and oppress their own people similar to Nazi Germany. They also prefer to see their people suffer because most money goes to terrorists and military
    • They are apocalyptic and call for both America and Israel to burn since 1979.
    • They use terrorist proxies who are suicidal and would not hesitate to smuggle a bomb aboard a container ship or another means to inflict more casualties on the US than I can even comprehend. It would make 9/11 look like a scratch.
    • Obama and Kerry have proven to be corrupt and they lie and have lost all credibility with so many in this nation. They have weakened the USA and our allies.
    • The apologists of this deal follow a blind loyalty to this administration and are in denial about all the appeasement and concessions make to get this deal.
    • Iran shows absolutely no signs of moderation. Under this so called more moderate regime, Iranian aggression has increased and they have increased torture and execution of dissidents. Just like Nazi Germany. Rouhani spent last week attending a death to America parade.
    • History has taught us that when despots announce their genocidal intentions, you must take them at their word. My dad shared experiences with all those Americans who minimized the danger from Hitler. They were proven wrong and the leadership of Iran has far more dangerous military technology and are more insane than the Nazi’s.
    • Iran has never lived up to an agreement and this will not be different.
    • Obama and Kerry backed off all their demands around the Fordo enrichment center in a hardened mountain, the need for spot unannounced inspections and Iran developing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. These missiles have but one use, to hit the USA and Europe.
    • Iran says their quest for nuclear technology is for peaceful purposes, yet they were just caught trying to purchase military use nuclear technologies from the Czech republic.
    • The sanctions were working, Yet our so called negotiation’s only resulted in appeasement.
    • Iran will build and use bombs. Israel and the Sunni Arab states will have no choice but to prevent this. Obama has set the seeds for the worst war our planet has ever seen, even worse than WW1 and WW2.
    • The Apocalyptic Ayatollahs even acknowledge that it does not matter if Iran is destroyed, as long as they destroy Israel and kill as many Americans as possible.
    • If pushed too far, Israel will have to decide if they will allow another 6 million Jews to die, or if they will destroy Iran. Don’t think Israel has Atomic Bombs, they have Hydrogen bombs.
    • Just like in the 30’s, Americans were tired of war. It is debatable that we needed to fight WW1. But WW2 was different. Like Iran the Nazi’s were after world domination.
    • I pray to God that our next president immediately corrects this and starts healing America. This is not a time for silence. We need our own Churchill. History will be very unkind to those leaders that supported this administrations corruption and lies.

  4. we need more people to stand up and oppose Iran deal and oppose Obummer and imprison him, he is termind to destroy United States of America and convert everyone to Islam and enforcing sharia law we must all stop him now !!!!!!!!

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