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Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström

A top Swedish official has indefinitely “postponed” her trip to Israel and “Palestine” in response to a curt snub by Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman.

Eriki Boman, a spokesperson for Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, said in a statement Wednesday his boss “has decided to postpone her visit to Israel and Palestine. Instead of next week it will take place later. No date is yet decided.”


Wallstrom was to meet this month with Liberman and also with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. But following Sweden’s official recognition of the Palestinian Authority as a sovereign independent country, Liberman announced he would not meet with her. His ministry also recalled Israel’s ambassador from Stockholm for three weeks of “consultations.” The prime minister’s office also notified Wallstrom that Netanyahu would also be unavailable to meet.

“The behavior of countries such as Sweden and Ireland – it is simply the same behavior and abandonment that occurred in Europe in 1938 during the Munich Agreement,” Liberman told a conference for European ambassadors at the Foreign Ministry recently. “The Europeans abandoned their biggest ally, Czechoslovakia.

“Their whole policy towards Israel is abandonment. Even though Israel is the only country that represents Western values in the entire Middle East, they abandon us.”



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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. May be she didn’t t hear the news in France so what a stupid idea. The world have, and I repeat have to support Israel the only democratic country in the Meade east. Today is a very sad day but may be the world can learn something.

  2. This is only the beginning for France. Sweden–you are next!!! Now maybe you will start to understand what Israel has to contend with every single day. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Muslims are despicable, yet you condemn Israel. Shame on the Swedes.

  3. Hi Israel, I am so proud that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Liberman didnt want to see Margot Wallström! Well done! She is one of the initiavtakers of the approval of the Palestine state and many, many people in Sweden dislike her and the Goverment for doing this that was the opposite what the Swedish people want! I am so glad that you have the courage not to meet her! Greatings and a lot of love to Israel from Magitte in Stockholm

  4. Excellent. Stay home with your Muslim Hordes you love so much. We don't need another antisemite visiting to throw more hate on Israel. Gothenburg and Stockholm has small but vibrant Jewish communities. I say Jews of Sweden, flee for your lives to Israel. There is no future in European Jewry and certainly not in Sweden, the first European Nation to recognize a new terrorist Islamic Sharia Law Muslim nation they hope to be – Palestine.

  5. Margot Wallström has nothing to do in Israel. How can she look at the face of the Prime Minister after showing a total ignorance of foreign policy issues? The new government began its period with a very bad step: to recognize Palestine as an independent state. Unbelievable! Perhaps an independent and free state allows attacking a neighboring country just for the sole fact that they are Jews, and as such does not deserve to exist? Can this call itself a state?

  6. Alan Kardon I …think she knows what many of us think about her! I wrote, when this happend with the Palestine aproval as a state, that we – the Swedish jewish people and the jews of Israel, would never, ever forgive her and we will never forget! Besides from that, I would love to come to Israel!

  7. Alan Kardon And – we really need a Prime Minister like Netanyahu and a fForeign Minister as Liberman in Sweden! Our current Goverment is weak and allow almost everything "our" islamic people do and we are not getting the thrue what happens in Sweden thrue our newpapers. If they write anything that is bad about islam or that we do not want them in Sweden, they accuse to be a rasist. Thats the word most used in Sweden nowadays!

  8. Hi Irwin, I think you are right that we are next in line. Than, maybe, the Swedish Goverment will consider – but not sure – today on the news beside from the terrorist attck in Paris, is "our Imans" that worries that the hate will go over their moskees in Sweden and put to fire. Mona Sahlin, a former minister, (talks so slowly that you fall asleep) will organize a helporganisation for the returning IS-warrier, for them to recover – it will take years siiinceee sheee iiiis suuuch aaaaaaa sloooooow taaaalkeer! We just want them to be dumped back to Syria or where ever they coma from.

  9. Geoffrey, you don't agree with Israel, though luck, Israel did the right thing for not receiving the Swedish trouble maker who wants to mix in the sovereign countries policy. You are just another Jew hater, mind your own business. With friends like you who needs enemies. International Forum, you mean the grandchildren of the Nazis now in charge of Europe.

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