Photo Credit: Hadas Parush / Flash 90
Border Guard Police officers check Palestinian Authority Arabs near Hebron, at Halhul.

Alert Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian Authority terrorist near Hebron early Sunday afternoon as he tried to stab troops at the same area where a similar attack occurred last week.

Today’s attack during a riot near the intersection of Beit Anoon, immediately north of Hebron, and Highway 60, which links Kiryat Arab-Hebron with Gush Etzion and Jerusalem.


Last week, several hundred feet inside Beit Hanoon, another Arab terrorist seriously wounded a soldier with knife wounds in his throat and neck before he was shot and killed.

The soldier is recovering and now is out of danger.



  1. All what I hear fron Bibi he will do more to secure Israelis but I don't see it because the stabbing didn't diminish. Everyday I read the newspapers and read about a new stabbing. The only way it will be illiminated is to ship out all these monsters out of the country and to take all the benefits that Israel give to her citizens if the terorist is a minor.

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