Photo Credit: Tzipi Shlissel / Tazpit News Agency
Soldiers in Hebron following a terror attack on Sept. 22, 2015

A female Palestinian Arab terrorist was shot at around 8 am Tuesday while trying to attack an Israeli soldier at the security checkpoint between Jewish and Arab parts of Hebron.

As she lifted her knife to stab the soldier, his fellow troops opened fire, reportedly shooting the attacker in the leg.


The terrorist failed in her mission to wound the soldier and all others were safe as well, the IDF reported.

“A Palestinian attempted to stab an IDF soldier at a military position in Hebron. IDF forces responded, fired towards the perpetrator and identified a hit,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement. “There were no injuries to soldiers.”

A local source said people in the area were warned not to approach the woman out of concern she might have been carrying a bomb in her bag.

Soldiers subsequently shot her bag to ensure there were no explosives hidden within.

The terrorist was treated on the scene by an IDF medic and then evacuated by the Red Crescent emergency response service to a nearby medical facility, where she is listed in serious condition.





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