The army has told the families of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach that the homes of the terrorist kidnappers Amer Abu Aisha and Marwan Kawasmeh will be destroyed tonight.

Arab sources report that the destruction has begun.


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  1. I am sorry but Israel has to take responsibility for allowing these evil monsters out of jail. Israel had them and let them go to appease the world that cares not about Israel. May the 3 boys always be remembered and their blood be avenged

  2. Destroy the kidnappers. And their neighbors, and their town, and their fellow terrorists. This was not done without accomplices. This should go down in history as the incident that murdered hundreds of Palestinians because of terrorists they supported.

  3. Do you all know what it means to be drawn and quartered? Just seeing it acted out in movies about Medieval Europe is bad enough. The British were very fond of it, and it was entertainment to some. How do some of you sleep at night if you think drawing and quartering should still be done in this day? Do you all have families? What are your families lives like, with all that cruelty boiling and festering inside you?

  4. I hope they destroy more than their homes! Homes are not important to them! Their family will only move in with like minded relatives that are saturated with hate! These sub-“humans” don’t live in a home they crawl out from the rocks and sand like the snakes they are!!

  5. Guess I must have missed something. Israel knew who the kidnappers are and where they lived? And for 3 young lives they are going to destroy 2 homes? The time for turning the other cheek and minimum responses is past due over. Golda Meir said it when she said it was too bad they didn’t love their children as much as we love ours. “

  6. Good….and the world will scream & yell…but this time, who cares? They KNEW this would be the response and the result and they committed murder KNOWING this would happen….too bad the murderers are not dead….but actually, it will be better knowing they are in an Israeli prison forever…for the rest of the miserable lives….death would be too easy….may they be in hell here on earth ..first….

  7. By whom? They will defend themselves as only the Israelis can…and I think the hyperbole of ‘leveling’ Gaza is a way of expressing unbelievable grief & anger…they won’t level it, but they won’t put up with rockets, suicide bombes, etc anymore…would anyone? Would you?

  8. Why not tell that to the numerous families of Jewish and Christian children that were blown to bits by suicide bombers, mortars, rockets, explosions, and gunfire by like-minded s that are promoting this wicked religion known as Islam, Mehmet Emin Aras?

  9. Ditto for ANY terrorist group in the nation of Israel and the heterophobes (homosexuals) and their allies, as well as the modern day Pharisees and the people that want the nation of Israel to be a secular state and that only want Jews to inhabit the land, Gene Strong. Christians deserve as much of a place in the nation of Israel as the Jews.

  10. Troll. By publicizing a counter strike this gives the individuals notice of what’s coming. So what’s the point, just bombing out their houses? Leaving aside the idea of a counter strike in the first place and whether its wrong or not. Smh. Maybe it’s time for allies to step in and straighten everyone out? I know no one will like this, but the cycle of violence just isn’t stopping. Better than retaliation by neighboring Arab states.

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