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In an article rife with hypotheticals and anonymous threats, Reuters is reporting that European diplomats are frustrated with Israel and are searching for ways to whack the Jewish state hard enough to bring it to its knees.

What is disturbing these nameless, faceless “diplomats”? Why, of course the Goebellsian lie that Israel stole the birthright of the Palestinian Arabs and have been furiously building homes on it in order to deprive those Arabs of their rightful homeland.


There is no other way to explain the constant choruses screeching about “the settlements” and denouncing the building of homes for Jews in what they blindly accept must be the future “Palestinian State.”

What follows is a sentence from the Reuters article. Read it carefully. It is written as if it is simply a claim by the Palestinian Arabs, but the entire rest of the article, indeed, the entire premise of the discussion between the reporters and the “diplomats” accepts the fiction that the Palestinian Arabs are entitled to this future state regardless of how many Jews they kill and, as importantly, how tenuous is their claim. It is simply accepted as a fact, just as it makes clear their belief is that Israel is “stealing” land which is supposed to be in safekeeping for the Arabs.

Palestinians hope to make a future state in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They accuse Israel of building settlements to strengthen its claim on territories captured in the 1967 Middle East War.

Various techniques for bringing Israel to heel are discussed by the nameless chorus of European diplomats. One of which is so clearly contrary to the modern concept of freedom and democracy that it simply begs to be compared to the ancient disregard for law when Jews are the accused that reigned during the Inquisition, the Crusades, and yes, during the Holocaust.


A tool intended to be used to force Jews to submit to the will of the haters is, essentially, a Blacklist of Criminalized Jews, otherwise known as Settlers.

Discussions regarding this Blacklist are allegedly at an early stage, but “officials say the European Union may look at stopping Jewish settlers convicted of crimes from visiting the EU.”

Although the first time the Reuters article mentions this Blacklist it suggests that it will be used only against “convicted” criminals – whatever that means, and convicted by whom? The quote from a diplomat goes even further.

In a statement that should shake everyone who holds civil liberties and presumption of innocence as sacrosanct, this European official lets it slip that they would like to include on the Blacklist whomever someone – who? the EU? B’tSelem? the New Israel Fund? – accuses of a crime.

“The paperwork has been done but it is frozen for now,” said the official.

“It is basically a blacklist of violent settlers who have been accused of or convicted of crimes. It would prevent them from travelling to Europe.” [emphasis added]

In a world where murderers are fawned over and terrorists are given public platforms to describe their evil plans, Europe is deciding that Jews who choose to ignore the implications of the Apartheid Line will be barred from traveling to Europe. Why? because, in the words of one of the many (or was it only one?) anonymous diplomats, “it would send a strong message that the EU means business.”

It isn’t enough that the EU is moving forward with placing the modern version of yellow stars on products made, and scientific institutions operating, in the ancient Jewish homeland of Judea and Samaria. That isn’t enough, because those threats have not yet forced the Jewish State to resume its own vivisection.

One EU country’s ambassador to Israel said “there is a very high level of frustration and there are many instruments at our disposal to make that frustration clear.” Another anonymous senior diplomat described Europe’s patience as “wearing thin” as that vast land mass waits for Israel to become even smaller, so that no more diplomatic dinner parties are sullied by having to talk about the nerve of those Jews.

This Blacklist for Criminalized Jews is just one of several different new measures being considered. Another one is “strictly” applying regulations in an Association Agreement signed between the EU and Israel in 1995. You see, that agreement has a very specific framework for free trade in goods, services and capitals. Everything is dependent upon “respect for human rights and democratic principles.”

The Reuters journalist obviously intended, or was simply reflecting the European diplomats’ jab to suggest that Israel is guilty of failing to respect human rights and democratic principles.

These cowardly anonymous diplomats are prepared to attack and threaten Israel with outrageous and illegal weapons, based on their anti-Semiticly-induced myopia and misunderstanding of history, law and morality. Perhaps Israel should be invoking the Association Agreement’s standard and threaten to withhold its technological and medical advances from those issuing the threats.


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Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a contributor to the A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email:


  1. This is the first time I reading this but not surprised. All the convicted criminals are in fact the ones they are forcing Italy to take in those coming on boats. Many are pirates murderers and criminals so this only shows the extent of anti semitic diplomats who are neo Nazis looking for ways to attack the Jews and the Jewish state of Israel. Pleasing Muslims as usual who are controlling these so called diplomats. Also we stand for a united Europe but this attitude willonly break eEurope apart and basterd Muslims are looking to divide and conquer tactics as usual. Even.Mohammed the basterd and his followers are involved in this propaganda. That fake prophet and his followers playing games as usual.

  2. The tension in Europe is growing and is building up to a crescendo, culminating is a major clash between many European countries and their muslim populations. I wouldn’t want to travel there nor to many other muslim countries. Soon Las Vegas will be taking bets as to which European country this clash will occur first, as soon as they figure out the odds. It is inevitable !!!

  3. If Europe is going to complain and moan about Israel then I’ll take it to a whole new level. (Yes I know the land initially belonged to we Jews) –but from their perspective I would argue in the way they THINK Israel was founded, America was founded on the backs of slaves and over the blood of Native tribes. So if the UN wants to argue fairness, start with America because everything America owns has a blood level higher than any palestinian death toll. You want to play ball and discuss stolen land??? -America sits right on it. Am I anti-America?? -No. But if the UN and it’s corrupted members wants to point fingers of such actions, then America has more blood on the hands, –and so does Britain, as if we forgot about their recent conquest of African land for the last century or 2. Germany… –Germany has no room to talk and we all know why.

  4. Why would we want to spend our $$$$$ in Europe, would rather support Israel, Canada and the USA, to hell with Europe! Wait until Europe has another disaster, I certainly won’t be the first in line to help! It takes two to tango and it looks like Europe isn’t worried who helps them. To hell with them!

  5. Throughout history, there has NEVER been a Palestine! Also, no where in recorded history has a nation attacked been forced to give up territory that it conquered after being attacked, except for Israel. I whole heartedly agree that Israel should withhold medical and technological advances from those bigots edorsing this blacklist.

  6. Is that incompetence, fear, madness, hate, or what?
    It is at the least complicity with radicals. The europeans are blind. They don't understand that the enemy of Israel are the same as the enemy of US and Europa, democracy and freedom (even if far from perfect!). The european depress me, and Obama does not reassure me either. Pfff…

  7. Yes but the land robbery, the apartheid and the genocide in Israhell is happening NOW. U can’t judge events from the past, when there was not the actual international law. And is not EU. Every decent person on earth is not ok with your crimes. Juice control main stream media, but there is internet now, everybody can search for the truth, and discover your lies…

  8. The DAY IS COMING THAT YHVH WILL AVENGE JOEL 3 ,,JERIMIAH 46 the world WILL BE JUDGED according to the way they have treated G-Ds chosen people and EU has a lot to account for ,,,,beware you who come against G-ds people ,,,, for you are coming against the CREATOR HIMSELF

  9. I hear Rome has a relationship with the EU well regardless, Romes sins by the Vatican are piled high as heaven and God will send her into great tribulation and the people who hav fellowship with her who have trapped themselves in her corrupt church will partake with her punishments because the love her sins an idolatrous pagan Godless bunch of liars and sinners with oceans of blood on their hands like the nations of terrorists gangs and organisations of devil worshipers who love blood money

  10. As far as this person is concerned, I also have a "high level of frustration", with Europe. I for one, have had a bellyful of their
    attitude and hostility towards Israel and the Jewish People as well as their hatred towards the United States. The American people have saved Europe twice with blood and treasure. Europe forgets the past quite easily. I do not! Americans should consider visiting Canada
    instead of giving more dollars to a bunch of idiots and fools. No more travel to Europe and no more purchasing of goods and products from
    European nations. Teach them a lesson! Now!

  11. Come out from among them and be ye separate says the Lord and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you and I will be a father unto u and u will be my son’s and daughters says the Lord, come out of Romes catholic church she thinks everything she says is ok with God well I have news

  12. Sept was the start of the last of the 7 years Shemitah and already signs of the judgment coming upon the world can be seeing. Being ignorant of God’s laws of blessing and curses will be no excuse for what is coming upon the EU for doing this to Israel. Out of their own mouths they have spoken their own judgment. Just as America is paying now for what Obama and Kerry are pushing off on Israel. Israel stand strong don’t give in for God is on your side and if He be fore you who can be against you.

  13. History can be very repetitious sometimes? you´re really paranoid! there is a big difference between “ton bann” and “to kill” and you should not always refer to holocaust. you´re racists und anti-semitist towards “all musllims, all arabs” as well, as hitler did towards unguilty people, like jews, etc. you are refusing a state of palestine, you treat them as animals! you are “the choosen ones” although you history during the last centuries teached you the opposite! you have the (ugly) spirit of adolf hitler! and the world should know it! you are the right wing, you are the ultra right, ultra orthodox one that treat theier woman as slaves! you never want peace in the middle east! and because of all this facts, you are the true enemy of israel! and all enemies of israel are my enemies! you are the same ing asholes, like islamic terrorists und nazis during the “third reich”!!! you are one of the ugliest people on this planet, abusing israel! dirty motherers!

  14. Clothes designers (e.g. Vivienne Westwood), actors and other airhead activists get all this airtime nowadays where they can tell the world what to do based on their total lack of knowledge.

  15. F'ing Eurotrash. They cower before their Muslim invaders. The one thing that a coward despises more than the bully, is the one who stands up to him. Israel stands up to Islamic lies. This must make those dwindling numbers of aging European-Europeans livid!

  16. Say welcome to good old Europe, where the socialists are at it again.
    Remember that the Nazis (National Socialists) with their SA actually started out as pure socialists. When the left then won the war in Europe, they smartly placed the Nazis on the opposite side of the political spectrum with the right to distance themselves from them and to smear the right.
    And the left, e.g. the EU, the Guardian and the BBC, openly deny that they are anti-Semites, that's how blinded by ideology and hate they are. It makes me sick.

  17. A few weeks ago I was asked why the nations in the Orient,for the most part,were not Jew hating anti-semites like the Europeans.I answered that the main reason was that the Orientals never had a Vatican!

  18. Roman Catholicism and its Protestant daughters, along with Eastern Orthodox Churches have been trying to REPLACE "Israel" with something they call "The Church". That Jews have endured despite the Replacement Theologians' best efforts to read them out of God's covenant is what enrages them.
    But the Church Age is passing. The living heart of believers are leaving Sunday Churchianity for a Messianic Torah Observance.
    The Church was NOT the Kingdom of God. It was the SOWER of seed. Only a remnant of the seed falls upon the fertile, watered and tilled soil.
    When the last of the Lost Israelites that will be saved is saved, the doors will close. Then the Wedding of the Son and His Bride (Israel) will take place. And outside will be gnashing of teeth.

  19. Talk about “Blacklist”…Europe will soon be swathed in the Black Isis Flag and it will be all it’s own fault…!!!! They will have their own ‘list’ of ‘infidels’ to behead and if Europe thinks by recognising terrorist organisations are going to ‘save their butts’ they are mistaken!

  20. wow- EU blacklisting peaceful angels while demons and devils are free to cut the throats of lambs…. Islam is a sick and malignant cancer that has spread to all regions of our terrestrial body, how do we radiowave these tumours without losing all our hair?

  21. in the bible it said god will bring the Jews back to there ptomise land,That is what god has was like waste it,s blosome like a rose,this is what happened.Jew have made it beautiful ,just like God great is our God ..

  22. Nothing changes b4 Israel the Jews were easy targets.. If they used their brains and did well they/ we are crooks if they were slung out of nations they go they work and not rot in refugee camps as political pawns. In Israel Christians and Moslems live together as Israeli Citizens ,but the Palestinians want an apartheid state, without Jews. I think there is a deep embedded anti semitism. Look at the charges brought against Israel, people march and protest about Israel . where are the protests about Darfur Nigeria?

  23. Yes please! Put me on your odious list and don’t forget my big yellow star, in fact I hope that you will have one for each shirt, jumper and jacket as I wouldn’t want to be seen to be getting preferential treatment, no sir!
    Please hate me just as much as you hate the next Jew because after a few days it’s what we get used to but that doesn’t mean that it’s right it just proves how wrong this whole thing is, Shalom!

  24. Lori… What's a Jew in the Metro-NY Area to do about Europe and the Obama administration tightening the screws and grasping Israel by the collar? Do you know of any major actions—political, diplomatic, grassroots, etc.—being planned or discussed by America's major Jewish organizations to push back against these lies and manipulation?

  25. They are people with no understandings! They are blinded to the truth that this is a Spiritual war between light and darkness, good and evil! They are so deceived! Little that they know they will be gone when Jesus comes back if they choose not to repent!

  26. Well done EU hypocrites – you have finally shown your true anti semite faces. Your countries are already ruined with the Muslim population who do not contribute towards it except to claim social benefits and violence. You are welcome to them. Stop appeasing them otherwise they will completely take over your countries which they openly admit to it.

  27. Anti-Jew behavior is tolerated and encouraged in a large part of the world and the Jews do nothing but complain and appeal to their haters to be nice. It never worked a thousand years ago and it certainly didn't work in the 1920's with Hitler and the fascist governments after WW I.

    Jews stand around while their fellow Jews are attacked and killed and do nothing. What happened in Crown Heights with the invasion of a Kosher deli by Jew hating blacks will happen again and again until the Jews can be taught to use force.

    These Ultra-Orthodox Jews who in Israel can throw chairs and spit at Jewish women wanting to pray at the Kotel and can attack Jewish policemen but are afraid to attack black who threat their lives are an embarrassment. Hire ex-Israelis with professional experience to take the fight to your enemies. Seig Hiel means death once again when you do nothing as you did in Europe. "Never Again" you are so proud to say and I answer, "Why Not". Fight or die!

  28. Me! Me! Me! I live in an EU country. Just try to boot me out of where I am living you antisemitic slugs. I’ll help, back in the 1970s I was a card carrying member of the JDL. I believe that the UK should remain a Christian country and those who believe that the Sharia Law should take precedence should move to a country where you’ll feel more at home. I believe that those who boycott Israel and Israeli products should have anything made by the said country taken away from them. Ignorant sheep. Burkas should be banned but hijabs are ok. Muslims living in the UK should integrate into their country’s customs AND SPEAK ENGLISH. Wish people Merry Christmas at nativity plays in schools, sing Christmas Carols, enjoy this Christian country. Funny how 1 Muslim, maybe new in this country or a recent rabid convert will complain to the council, school, about something that ‘offends’ yet Jews have lived here far longer and haven’t said a word. So c’mon EU, ban me.

  29. those several european countries that depend on tourism as a major source of income will not be looking too closely into the backgrounds of Israeli tourists.

    But for those in the New York area who want to do something, recall that the EU is very sensitive to bad publicity in the USA. Demonstrate at EU offices in New York, at tourism offices, trade offices, airline offices of especially hostile countries, etc.

  30. Please please find some cool reason and step back a minute. There is huge power in the Internet to start emotional trains filled with lies. Even if a few polititians want to side witb oil producing Arab countries and throw hate around and completely inaccurate statements about Israel wbat they are successfully doing is making everyone (but one wbo questioned the fact of the report) on this site
    sound violent, fanatical and anti-world. Anti people. I'm afraid that this only lets the "manipulators with an agenda" succeed. You are all ranting and i find reading these comments more disturbing than reading the article.

  31. But for those in the New York area who want to do something, recall that the EU is very sensitive to bad publicity in the USA. Demonstrate at EU offices in New York, at tourism offices, trade offices, airline offices of especially hostile countries, etc.

  32. Saad Farah [Surak] Easily done. Nearly all terrorists are Muslim. Nearly all wars are initiated by Muslims. Nearly all rapes in Scandinavia are by Muslims. All beheadings are by Muslims. Next!

  33. European swndlers and schnorers signed treaties guaranteeing to "facilitate immigration and encourage settlement of the Jewish people in the Palestine mandate territory" as per the LON mandate and succeeded by UN charter art 80. Any statement that jewish settlement is illegal or illegitimate is libelous and anti semitic. The legal rights to Jewish settlement never expired or rescinded. These crooks will stew in their own filth.
    the banning of Jews from Europe is good for the Jews as it gets them out before the descent of Europe into the chaos, suffering and civil strife which cannot be avoided as its muslim population grows. Furthermore, russia will likely fan those flames covertly. The Jews should boycott europe, right now it is dangerous for Jews but it will become dangerous for Euros, just like when they sold their Jews to the nazis.

  34. for 2000 years the euros, whether religious or secular have been the existential enemy of the Jews. they torured, libeled swindled and slaughtered the Jews. today they libel and swindle the Jews and support and fund orgs connected to the slaughtering of Jews. Europe is a cesspool of evil which has no reason to exist. the muslim devouring of europe will be a good thing. they hope to escape their fate by feeding the Jews to those they fear but just like last time it will backfire.
    The head choppers they hired to kill the Jews are instead slaughtering their christian brothers in the ME: ironic justice. The euros continue to stalk the Jews while their brothers are slaughtered by those they fund to kill the Jews.

  35. All around I

    srael is chaos, suffering and slaughter. the enemies and libelers are in chaos called arab spring. soon this same chaos wil engulf the liars and blood libelers of europe as they frantically attempt to cause the failure of the Jews in Israel because it bankrupts the very essence of their 2000 year supersessionist lies.

    the barren land of 2000 years NOW blooms for the ingathered Jews and NOT the supersessionist christian replacement jews.

    this is not a prediction but an indisputable current fact which they cannot live with and must destroy. this is why the secular euros and the euro BDS libeling churches collaborate in the project of preventing the success of the Jews in israel. If the Jews are successful then they have commited 2000 years of lies and slaughter. the nation states of europe were based on them being the replacement of the jews as the chosen or elect.

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