Photo Credit: Courtesy, Kol Menachem
Turning Judaism Outward

“Even with these concerns sharply in focus, the task of separating the man from the myth is fraught with difficulty,” he adds. “A historian who finds aggrandizement of the Rebbe distasteful may tend to overcompensate, deflating his image too much.

“By his own admission, the Rebbe was a man who fell into the category of those ‘for whom the central, overwhelming focus of their lives is in the world of thought, the world of ideas, and their main activities… focused inwards, to ‘the world set in their hearts’ (Ecc.3:11), and no to the outside world surrounding them’…”


An electrical engineer by training, Rabbi Miller notes that the Rebbe’s profession was to check wiring against blueprint — thus “the Rebbe spent his entire life clarifying what he understood to be the Torah’s blueprint for our times, and implementing it with consistency.”


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